Beauty & Make Up Artistry

Beauty and Make Up Artistry Wait, what does Beauty and Make_up Artistry mean to you? Are you just but a big fan of beauty and Make_up? Are you aspiring to get into the beauty and Make_up Artistry Industry? Are you actively involved in the Beauty and Make_up Artistry Industry and looking forward to up your […]

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The Other Guy

The Other Guy We will be coming from different quarters of the city aboard separate hustles but now on bus destined for again different locations bit in the same route. He will have come in first. Coming after him he will ask that you take the seat adjacent to the window such that he’s seated […]

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Fashion World

FASHION WEEK NINE: BIZ HUB SERIES DISCUSSION: FASHION INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION What does Fashion mean to you? What’s your FASHION sense? In this week’s session we get up and close with matters Fashion Business! Come, Network, meet new people and perspectives with open possibility of landing FASHION Industry gigs. It’s ‘Opportunity’ time! Welcome and lets trend […]

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Management 202: Descriptive measures

BUSINESS STATISTICS DESCRIPTIVE MEASURES Measures of Location/Central Tendency When data is collected, from a common source, the individual values are likely to vary. It’s not easy to keep in mind all the values in a set of data hence it is essential to obtain a representative figure. Such a figure is known as a measure […]

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