Start of the year, you remember that commitment to meet weekly Friday evening? We still do. It’s mad fun doing that.


Where am I coming from, lately we do events, countless of them. It’s what keeps us busy for as Sunday school goers someone mentioned an idle mind is a Devils workshop. We took them serious. We got busy. Fast forward and this ending Saturday we had a super hyped event spotlighting former schoolies. (Insert chaps who attended the same high school) Super hyped because it was planned for three month in time. And yes in between we made noise about it. So the day came finally.

Should I say I was exasperated at the rate at which apologies were streaming in?



“Something came up, am sorry”


“We have a road trip. Am out”


“My neighbor is marrying can’t attend the event”


“We fought with girlfriend, can’t make to attend the event. Sorry.”



Then that chat room started to sound deserted; lonely cold like hell’s gate. That was the night preceding the event day. Apologies or no apologies the event was scheduled to happen. It happened. And it was well, successful.


Come to think of it. Every one of us all wakes up with 24 hrs at their disposal. Yes for that one we are on the same page. Gender campaigns or not we all have twenty four hours to spend. Where the Rubber hits the road is what we do or choose not to do with our twenty four hours. The choice is all ours. Predominantly, each one allocates time to those things that they think matters most to them. That’s a fact you can take to the bank and live with it. People will tell you they are busy. Others will send a hundred and one apologies. But whoever feels whatever you are driving them at is meaningful for them, will find time for it. Nobody is as chained as not being in a position to re-plan, re-schedule, re-prioritise (halloo that’s the only time I apply those project management terminologies I picked from school). That’s a white lie. Take Christmas from example, its Christmas whether it falls on a Sunday or a Monday. Nothing changes. Then the speaker said something intriguing “numbers count but don’t count numbers!”


Someone said make your own decision as to whether you are showing up or not but keep your apologies to yourself. Point is you missed whether you apologised or not. Personally I had a fallen first line cousin who was being laid to rest back at home. I chose to keep mum about it since my initial plan was to attend this session at hand. Otherwise my apology would have come in first and louder!


“You guys understand I lost a cousin? For that reason am out!” Then I will insert an emonji to appear like am a cool guy.


Rest in peace Kid; we miss you soon! Go thee well.


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