Trump school 

Trump University Lesson 41.

Guest: Marende Otwoko

Challenge Yourself.

Reinvention is crucial to succeed. It  is impossible to be static in the world that is dynamic and expect to survive at Top. Getting at the top is not as difficulty as surviving at the top. While getting at the top is a priority ,success is measured more or less by your ability to consistently succeed.
On the other hand succeeding consistently

in  a market that is not linear isn’t easy .Indeed we have people who have become casualties. Mike Tyson, for refusing to create  new challenge that would define his next sphere of life has been reduced to a common guy. What does this imply ? Success is a science and part of the principle of science is growth. Growth is brought absolutely by deliberate steps and actions that will have to stretch you out. If you don’t grow you rot and die. Wait a minute, have you been wondering why the average  lifespan of dollar billionaires is 80? you got the answer..They seek opportunities to challenge themselves and are rewarded by long life. While there is other reasons that can be attributed to success, one legendary principle is that : The successful create challenge or win a challenge. Donald Trump is an established Real estate tycoon, he had enough wealth to cover the next four generation of his,he has intelligent and beautiful kids who will run his empire to the next level, why on earth did spent 10milion dollars in his campaign? Why was it important for him to have a hit reality show? Why did he have to join hotel and casino business? ” I love creating new challenges because I need momentum to keep me going”-Trump.

For Trump it is not about additional money it is the momentum,it is about focus, it is about energy. Listen, Trump has maintained a 9 am to 6pm schedule from Monday to Friday for the past 40yrs. Trump hates travelling(unless it is for business), he doesn’t go vacation; that is a waste of time. A typical Trump must be in office by Monday and out from Friday evening. So how has he been fit yet even physical exercise to him is a waste of time! He has learned to find new challenge or create one. New challenge means more risk. It require more knowledge and more money to invest. Whether it is Beyonce, T.D Jakes,Warren Buffet,Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates, the common denominator is that they reinvent through new challenges.

Like snake, they have to shade the old skin to remain young and rejuvenated. Reinvention is not meant to tilt your focus from your vision but to keep you going and inject new energy and freshness. It is for this reason that specialization should never be an agenda to anyone whose desire is to succeed.

The loath against professors is not misguided, you see most of this guys have invested in knowing too much about too little, they have exhausted their energy until they no longer see meaning in what they do,I mean they have become masters but on a small thing that the rest of the world means nothing. Life ,like climate, move in cycle, if you miss on a cycle, sustaining the crop would become tall order. You can never be an athlete forever, Rock ,John Cena and Triple H have beautiful life after the end of their career because they focused on new challenges, they moved from Just being professional wrestlers to Actors and Managers.If you want to survive at the top embrace challenges when they come, if they don’t, go and create new ones


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