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What does Fashion mean to you?

What’s your FASHION sense? In this week’s session we get up and close with matters Fashion Business!

Come, Network, meet new people and perspectives with open possibility of landing FASHION Industry gigs. It’s ‘Opportunity’ time!

Welcome and lets trend at #Fashionable 

Important to note:

Biz HUB is a brainchild.  It was inspired by the current huge youth unemployment rate. We are guided to guide youth to embrace Talent and talent monetization alternatives to beat unemployment.

I call it a different Narrative since is a personal case study of how my art of stories turned out to shape my adult career. BIZ HUB thus is a forum that gives ‘Opportunity’ to those who and or we interact with.






HOST: Tony

(BRAND Enthusiast)


Hi. Am Tony. I am a Brand Enthusiast. I blog and lately I am a Social Entrepreneur. I write about big life ideas and give branding advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say am funny. Others ask we meet over coffee, then it’s a different narrative!


Our speakers for these sessions and or events are seasoned industry players within the area under spotlight for the chosen discussion.



(Corporate and Fashion Emcee)


Ivix D. Kioi is a Corporate and Fashion Emcee, Image Consultant, Speaker and Business Person.

Interested in technology and politics as well.

I speak to young people on being in business and leadership.




(Fashion Designer)





(Model, actor entrepreneur).


Male model of the year 2016/17




Overall overview

The modern industry, based around firms or fashion houses run by individual designers, started in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who was the first designer to have his label sewn into the garments that he created. In this era of global trade, however, the high- fashion runways are just one part of the broader textile and apparel industry that ranges from high-end luxury brands to fast- fashion retailers—and the thousands of companies in between that produce and sell clothing, shoes, and other textile products.

Business Model

Being part of the creative industry again, the business model is just as diverse. For instance there are those players who buy and sell fashion crafts. There those players who craft fashion apparel and sell to middle men for resell rather they have a definite distribution channel reaching the end user. Lately however there has been the latest inclusion of fashion players who work as designers, image consultants among many others which basically entails giving services within the fashion line. Very recently there is been the inclusion of fashion exposes and fashion radio talks and TV shows that bring in an entirely new business model.

Revenue Model

When it comes to the revenue model, again how fashionistas make their cut will depend with what business model they choose to explore. The revenue model will thus revolve around the goods (Buy and sell) margin cut and services (Rate card) charge.

Industry SWOT

Perhaps and if you don’t mind, we do a quick SWOT for the Fashion world now that that is what has brought us to gather here up and close;

Strengths’: The Strengths’ within the fashion world I will want to report lies in the vibrancy of the sector that boosts of a brood of innovative millennials

Fashion basically touches on mostly every one and yet again borrows rather inter-borrows from the coexisting industries. You and I cannot downplay the contribution of the textile industry (upon which the fashion world borrows parenthood) to the economy

Weaknesses: The weaknesses however might include the fact that overdependence on the other sectors might mean it might not grow independently as its own industry real fast. The vibrancy exhibited within the industry as well might be a weakness since what is fashion today is absolutely obsolete tomorrow!

Then again there is the aspect of most people not having taken it up wholly as a career path. With a fair share of the current players pursuing it as a side-hustle thus limiting potential therewith.

Opportunities: Globalization, growth of social media and the rise of mobile telephony could well be sited as big opportunities for the fashion industry which when explored will go a long way in ensuring the industry growth.

We can also not downplay the rapid growth of what we will call ‘dependence’ sectors such as Media, Modeling, Publishing and so on upon whose success trickles down to the fashion industry

Threats: Oops we are at that point in time where we are about to talk of well, not so good stuff. Stuff that we would rather choose to ignore! Overlook or just assume they never happened. But here they are, staring at us with this unmatched agility.

So what affects the fashion industry? You ask? Well, let’s start here; lately the textile industry (read parental roots for fashion) is been under snarl up. Why? Again we go deep and realize textile itself has some ancestors down the valley of farming. And yes whatever the challenge Agriculture faces so does textile then fashion at the helm. It’s an upward ripple effect!


Fashion Blogging

Fashion Investment Club

Fashion-based Software Applications Develop and Sale

Legal Services Within the fashion Industry

Website for Listing fashion gigs and events

Fashion Agency Business

Info Tech Fairs / Expos Start Organizing spotlighting fashion

Fashion Talent Development Company

Tutorial Class for Fashionistas and Professionals

Fashion Brokerage Firm

Fashion Advisory and Consultancy Service

Fashion Magazine Publishing

Fashion TV Program

Fashion Radio Talk – Show


At this point in time, let’s have a bird’s eye glance of what week nine entails. This week, we have been up and around matters fashion World; a world that is dynamic and growing fast and furious (hehe see what I did here. How many?)

Basically listed here for expansion is an overview of the industry with regard to business model, revenue model and the diverse business opportunities available for exploration.

People if you don’t mind, I have a talk to mind in the evening! Until then do have a blessed one!



2 thoughts on “Fashion World

  1. What is fashion? What does Fashion mean to me? I guess I can’t answer these questions until I found this sentence. “Fashion is art and you are the canvas.” We should know that fashion is not far away from us.Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

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