Man Talk    



You will have some appointment with a lady friend to meet late in the evening. You will ask your friend to take her time since you are you will have a full day of activity attending a youth inspired leadership event. Plus there’s make up involved you know? Ladies. You will finish just in time and endeavor to locate your friend’s whereabouts. You will hook up after a battle with misdirection.

She will be tucked in some second tier restaurant mid of town caged on top of a newly opened night club in such a way that you walk through the club to reach the restaurant. It will be a Friday. And all you know what Fridays have become on this our dynamic city. She will be seated at the border of the room. She will be sipping on a cup of coffee. Across her, some man will be seated. Half talking to her. Half browsing on phone but most of the time lifting his cup of tea to have a sip. One chair will be unoccupied. It will be yours.


“Meet my friend James” she will retort. “Hi her friend James?” you will respond. And her friend will giggle at that like a girl. That will be a nice ice breaker. You will introduce yourself and join them. Some lady will be waiting patiently to take your order. “Do you serve anything else apart from tea?” you will start off with her. Again James will laugh endlessly at that. You will conclude he’s an easy guy. Good chap to hang around.


The three of you; a lady, a lady’s friend and another friend will engage closely on business issues centered around a marketing poster you are all critiquing. The discussion will be a heated one. The place will be a buzz of activities. The old version tummy_TV set mounted on the wall will be broadcasting seven pm news.


Across your table some man will be seated with a girl the age of his granddaughter. Their seating postures will suggest they are not related by blood. Atleast by something else not blood. The man sipping from a glass coke bottle abit unease. The lady digging shyly on her plate of fries. You will want not to concentrate at them but then again your discussion will start fading since your guys are also interested in that direction. The eyes are naughty you know?


That table will clear as the two stagger out. Then our giggling friend James will comment on the latest trend of young girls dating old buddies wrapped up as ‘sponsor’ then the whole discussion will shift to when a man dates with comparison of old school verses new school. You will take sides. You for new school. Him for old school. Our Lady will be a spectator ion supporting the winning side and mentoring the losing side. The discussion will revolve back and forth lose_win then win_lose only to end up with no definite Winner. Now that’s the strength of a spectator ion. She would go, “You are right but. ..” then you will know that point you fronted was shit. I asked “but why do people cheat?” James Said “young man let’s cross that bridge when you reach there” You know a man means his words when he resorts to address you as young man!


Our guy James will go back in time to a point in time when he met his lovely wife that’s as he puts it. He will narrate with passion, you will want to record. He will stop everything mid way and gesture and illustrate and point to bring out his story livid. His will be an amazing comic. He will talk about his first date which happened or can we say never at Nairobi city Park. (how many of you know where that is?) So on that beautiful day him and the girl met at the archives. Then set off on foot to Nairobi City Park. Along the way, they bought a bunch of bananas and a loaf of bread. Hitting the park, they spread some showl and sat comfortably. No sooner had they started off than from the blues some monkey descended on them taking off with their “packed lunch” We laughed so hard


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