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So they say the only thing that does not change is change itself. True to our commitment start of this year, we proceed with our BIZ HUB series weekly business discussion forums and at week eight, we delve into the ins and outs of the modeling industry. In its primacy, the weekly Biz Hub series is a land of Opportunity; it exists to sharpen your business Acumen through first hand Networking. Gracing this week’s event is a team of three speakers Denis Njeri, Winnie Gakii and Mikel Lucian hosted by Tony



HOST: Tony

(BRAND Enthusiast)


Hi. Am Tony. I am a Brand Enthusiast. I blog and lately I am a Social Entrepreneur. I write about big life ideas and give branding advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say am funny. Others ask we meet over coffee, then it’s a different narrative!


Our speakers for these sessions and or events are seasoned industry players within the area under spotlight for the chosen discussion.



(Image Consultant and Catwalk Trainer)


“My job is to create a winning Image. To create a powerful first Impression that is key to success in personal, Professional, cooperate and social life. If what you think about yourself is not projected right, it leaves a poor impression on people and clients thus affecting what they think of you. Image is more than physical appearance”

My portfolio boosts of Fashion shows; Miss Tourism Kenya 2014-2016, Miss corporate world Kenya 2016, Miss Birmingham 2014_2016, Turkey EXPO (KICC) 2015, Uganda street fashion show 2015, Miss Langata Prison 2016, Kenya Utalii College Cultural Week 2015, Laikipia Investment Forum 2013_2015

Image Gigs with county governments; Laikipia, Murang’a, Nyandarua.

And Public talks to mention; Kenyatta University, Kenya Utalii, Laikipia University, Vera Beauty college, Amo la Moda Kenya.



(Model and Miss Tourism Meru County)


I am twenty one years of age. I am currently Miss Tourism Meru County and Miss Tourism Kenya Culture. More so, I have represented Kenya for Miss Tourism Malaysia where I was crowned Miss Tourism International Kenya 2016/2017. I have gained experience with time from all my pageantries which has made me grow up to like modeling more. Away from modeling, I am a student at JKUAT University.





Most people refer me as Mike Lucian. Simplicity defines me. Am humble, SHY and down to earth gentleman. A strong God fearing man being from the Catholic Background. I am a young and fast growing fashion brand, a run way Choreographer and a media student among other side hustles.



Overall overview

The Modeling industry in Kenya has grown in bounds. However a quick You Tube search with regards to ‘Top Modeling Talks in Kenya’ Yields nothing with only Europe country options to show. It communicates that either Kenyan Modeling practitioners do not post their works online or rather they don’t invest in top notch SEO_Search Engine Optimization options to make their works rank top on Google search.

Away from the traditional runway modeling, modeling has grown to encompass newer ideas and approaches being included in the different aspects and diverse industries such as fashion, Media, publishing, marketing just to mention. The transition has seen a sound transformation from Modeling as a hobby and pastime activity to modeling as a distinguished career and independent source of livelihood.

Business Model

The modeling industry business model is not as readily defined as say, the retail (buy and sell) industry. However it’s easy to observe the industry business model based on the finer sub divisions of key business dimensions.

Basically modeling industry is that of ‘Anchorage’ Business. In what sense, businesses and or organisations enrich their standing by anchoring on the influence established (and or authoritative) brands (model) through mash up of forms of activities.

Revenue Model

Modeling just as its sisters in the creative industry has a revenue model that is not openly defined but based on the above business model we can comfortably decipher a revenue model where a model (established and or authoritative brand) is paid for causing and or influencing the success of another business/brand and or organization (which will include products and services) however the specific revenue model will borrow from the type of modeling and or activities included.

Industry SWOT

If we were to do a quick Industry SWOT for the Modeling industry, then we can have a quick look at the different aspects of the industry as follows:

Strengths’: The Strengths’ within the Modeling industry will lie in the fact that the industry is young, vibrant but growing fast enough.

The aspect of being able to coherently borrow from and or interrelate with other industries such as media, fashion, publishing and so on is also an area of strength since its growth is directly proportional to the growth of the other industries as well.

Weaknesses: The weaknesses however might include the fact that overdependence on the other sectors might mean it might not grow independently as its own industry real fast. This coupled with the concern that the snarl up in the other industries of dependence might as well mean snarl up in the modeling industry.

Then again there is the age old weakness of many people continuing to engage modeling as a passive time hobby rather than a distinguished business.

Opportunities: The opportunities within the modeling industry that might anchor its possible and due expansion will include but not limited to the aspect of globalization where international modeling practices are replicated here at home, the growth of Mobile telephony and internet at large that has opened up the newer marketing options and trends for modeling.

We can also not downplay the rapid growth of what we will call ‘dependence’ sectors such as Media, Fashion, Publishing and so on upon whose success trickles down to the modeling industry

Threats: And yes there is always the good and the bad side. But then again someone put forward “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them!”

The main threat of modeling industry might be the fact that its highly niched to urban settings thus without vigorous initiatives, qualified talent may never be explored!



Away from the traditional approach to modeling which includes mostly thrives on run away activities and exhibition, globalization and other factors have opened up the modeling industry to include diverse aspects and businesses to encompass newer ideas and approaches being included in the different aspects and diverse industries such as fashion, Media, publishing, marketing just to mention. The transition has seen a sound transformation from Modeling as a hobby and pastime activity to modeling as a distinguished career and independent source of livelihood.

There exists countless business opportunities around and or within the modeling industry, which a model practitioner and or regular investor can tap in to. Following is a short description:


  • Modeling Blogging
  • Modeling Investment Club
  • Real Estate Software Applications Develop and Sale
  • Legal Services Within the modeling Industry
  • Website for Listing modeling gigs and events
  • Modeling Agency Business
  • Info Tech Fairs / Expos Start Organizing
  • Modeling Talent Development Company
  • Tutorial Class for models and Professionals
  • Modeling Brokerage Firm
  • Modeling Advisory and Consultancy Service
  • Modeling Magazine Publishing
  • Modeling TV Program
  • Modeling Radio Talk – Show



By way of wrapping up perhaps we do a quick preview of what all this is been about. Right? Week eight 2017 and we have been spotlighting the modeling Industry in Kenya looking into the overall business model, the revenue model and finally a list of selected business opportunities within the modeling industry away from the traditional run away modeling and activities.


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