I Met A Woman

Yes I Met A Woman


I met a woman. (“eeeeeeeeh”) Easy. Easy people it’s not that direction you are taking. Come back over here. This is far different.
No one imagines they will spend their adult life asking people for meetings. Who by show of hands? I think you remember that age old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I heard no one mention anything to do with meeting people.

I have met people. I have met a biker and banker. I have met a poet and a curator. I have met a farmer and a Porter (makes pots from clay) I have met a teacher and a man of God. In my adult life which isn’t as long but at least a figure older than the Jubilee government, I have met quite a couple of people. It’s been just in most cases those usual casual meet ups where you bump into chaps on street, shake their hands and save their phone numbers with a promise to get back then both of you get busy. But in some important cases it’s been in the line of duty struggling to find content for my Small Media So you call, call and call again. Some pick, some don’t. Among those who pick, some give an appointment others seat on the fence. Within those who don’t pick, some get back deep in time, others never mind. That’s how all this game goes.
So once again, I met a woman. It’s well fascinating to meet someone you have not met before. Someone with whom you share no link. Someone who shares no history with you. Someone who you don’t have common friends with. Someone to which both of you are total strangers. You start from a point of no background checks. Because well, they have no idea that you love chiwawas and that you are neither in Cord, Jubilee nor Third Force Alliance. Such discussions are open and real. I think that thing ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ makes sense.
You guys remember we wrote about WordPress Basics? Right some event hosted at the PAWA254 on that road that leads to where the president lives. In that event some lady popped up and said she liked the shit I was talking about.
I have this spontaneous love for people appreciate my shit. So I liked her for that and asked we do coffee sometime later on. It’s how I met a woman. We met in some restaurant I choose not to market here on Moi Avenue; that street that shouts twenty_four. So we talked about stuff. Lots of stuff. Common stuff. From Trump to Obama. From NASA to Cord. Common boring stuff. Until at one point that discussion involved age.
Can we just say that’s the elephant in the room, when a lady asks you guess their age. I mean who does that with ease I find them on valentine’s day? In such a scenario, you don’t just want to yap. No. You want to make an informed guess (whatever that means) You don’t want to say an age so deviant from reality and make them spend the reminder part of their life in front of a mirror cursing why they are aging real fast. Then again you don’t want to say a figure so small they think all you do is joke. People I sweat. That was a puller on me. I never saw it coming. Yet it came with a thud. So I tried my best to evade. You know how men all of a sudden start something on football to dodge reality. That was futile. She dint force  all she did was to reframe that question to mean the same thing in a different way. This time with a clue. “Tell me what age do you think I could be. I have a kid aged four. A girl” Now that put me between a rock and a hard place. “How now?” This kid seated in front of me has a kid aged four. She’s kidding right? I wish you know in my mind I had 16 years but I wanted to say 24 years  so that I sound considerate.
Now this age challenge was getting boring and I wanted it concluded. “Twenty Six” I said with some brevity. She has this small frame with a face so smooth you’d think she’s yet to go through teenage hood. “Wrong, add four to that” she burst in correction. “Thirty! I have never been that surprised. Not in 2017 yet. Now that age challenge was concluded. It was a nice Ice breaker. It shaped the conversation
We talked about work. About career. About business. About culture and the connection in between. It was such an enlightenment at least to both of us. But to her she said it was something more than that. She is accountant by profession. She works and lives in Thika.
If we ever met then you remember I pose this age-old now beaten question “How can I help you to help me?” Right. So I posed that question to her and in response she said she wants to tell you people about ‘Wearable Technology’ Thus for now and if you don’t mind gang, lets welcome Betty, as she tells all of us what the hell ‘Wearable technology’ is…
“One Sunday afternoon I went to the beauty parlour with my daughter Abby, at the time she was 2.5 years old. All was okay till we noticed we had not seen her for a while and so began the search. It was a less than twenty minutes search but I can swear it felt like hours. More so, since there were previous cases of kids missing in that estate and the stories that goes along with such cases are usually quite horrific. It was an ordeal that I wouldn’t wish on even my best enemy. Later on I shared the story with my parents; I still remember the look my parents shared. my dad then narrated the story of how so many years back when I was Abby’s age I disappeared for a whole day later to appear with a big dirty sack of ‘toys’ , up today they still have no idea where I spent that day. Twenty something years had passed and I could read the pain in my dad’s voice, as for my mum, she barely looked up nor did she comment on the issue. It was still fresh in her mind.It then dawned me that this was a problem many parents have faced in the past, many are facing at the moment and many will face in the future and thus need for a solution to avoid or ease the search. And once again online lost and found platform i.e. Saka solutions came to mind. I previously had the idea when I had lost my documents some time back when losing your identity card meant staying for months waiting for an identity card, Kenyans, Huduma centre was God sent. Anyway that’s a story for another day.

I did not work on the idea immediately but I slowly started doing my research on the issue. I later on shared the idea with a friend (tech nuggets). After explaining to him how the platform would work he asked me ‘what next after finding a child the first time, the child might go missing again why don’t you come up with more permanent solution’ and it’s on that day the lost and found solutions were borne and a child tracker was the first gadget that came to mind. I did my research on kids’ trackers and what caught my eye were the kids’ smart watches. The ease of use, price, other features and efficiency as compared to the other trackers made me to consider them first.

Ever thought of how a smart watch came to be? Apparently it’s a culmination of different interesting wearable technology related inventions in history.

The earliest reports of a wrist watch can be traced in 1571 where queen Elizabeth was gifted a watch for her birthday known as an arm watch by Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. Then times, time keeping devices were contained in large drums like vessels which the user used to hang around their neck. It’s also said that one day a lady at the park was nursing a child and was also keen on time and so wrapped the clock on her arm, a passer-by became interested and later on placed two tags on the clock and the arm watch came to be. The arm watch was large and marked the beginning of wearable technology.

In 1644 the Qing dynasty traders used Abacus ring to make quick calculations therefore having a competitive advantage over other traders in other regions. The abacus ring was made of pure silver and apparently it’s still used in some classrooms for its ability to help calculate complex sums in a matter of second. (Don’t ask me how… I have been looking at and reading about that ring for hours and I still have no idea how such a ring can calculate complex sums. I was good in history than mathematics so let’s go on…) the Chinese abacus is thought to have been invented during the Ming dynasty in 1368-1644 by mathematician Cheng Dawei.

If you are a lover of movies you must have noticed that most spies related movies during the cold world war had spies that donned a long coat signature. This is because it’s during this time (1950) that button spy camera was invented and used by intelligence agencies. The camera was bulky and could only use them wearing a long heavy coat and they could only do a still snap shot. Before this Julius Neubronner had invented a light weight camera with a timer mechanism that could capture a single image and was strapped in to homing pigeons to take aerial photos.

In 1961 a math professor Edward O. Thorp made the world’s first wearable computer at a time when most computers were room size machines. He partnered with Professor Claude Shannon to make a wearable computer that could predict how a roulette game would turn out. It was the size of a pack of cigarettes with switches hidden in their shoes therefore manipulating it with their big toes. It’s reported that the machine increased the winning odds by 44%. However the Professor was not a greedy man and did not want to profit from it and just wanted to prove a point. Other mathematicians developed similar machines that were so successful that the state of Nevada passed a law prohibiting them in 1985.

Later on there was an explosion of portable computing that resulted in lots of stabs at wearable technology with varying degree of success .for example in 1980 Steve Mann began his eye tap project to create a machine that would record what a user can see through the right eye and also see through it, in 2000 Bluetooth came to be and so many other inventions.

It’s the above inventions that led to a smart watch invention and I thought you should know. And now to the kid’s smart watches, Kids’ smart watches are watches that offer more than time keeping function. The major features associated with the kids smart watches are the call functions and tracking function.

Common Kids’ smart phone features

Tracking features. Most of the kids’ smart watches in the market have the tracking feature where you can track your child’s precise location in real time. They also have the safe zone feature through use of geo fencing (an electric barrier drawn on a digital that when breached alerts the guardian immediately.) Parents can also set update intervals to report location and view the location history on the app 

Phone functions. Most watches can be applied as an independent phone. They can make or receive call, Group chat, voice message, text message, add friends, SOS etc. An SOS is call feature where the watch calls a designated number upon pressing a SOS button. Some models can also directly add contacts.

Interactive activities & games. Some models Provide Endless Hours of Kid-Friendly Fun through games, apps, Bluetooth Music Player (MP3, WAV) etc.

Health monitor features. Some models have Fitness Watch features e.g. Sleep monitor, Step counter, Calories Counter ,Sedentary Reminder , activity count etc.

Built-in camera that enables kids to Capture Photos & Videos.

Other important features include: watch remove alerts/ tamper remove alert, low battery alerts etc.

Before buying a kids smartphone one should consider the following:

    • It’s important to identify the features one wants most. Some models sacrifice some features to make room for others. And the pricing of these gadgets depends on their features.
    • IOS and Android and are the most common smartphones supported when it comes to companions apps for the smart watches. You might want to consider an upgrade, if you have another type of phone or an out of date model.
    • Don’t confuse a water resistant rating with water proof. In most cases, it’s not safe to submerge water resistant devices, take baths, swim etc.

There is so much about keeping our kids safe than smart watches, and there is so much about kids smart watches than is in this article, and therefore I would love to hear your comments, opinion, advice etc. even on other wearable technology that may be beneficial to us. Let’s share and equip each other, as per James Keller ‘a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle’”

Her business is called SAKA Solutions and in her own words  “SAKA Solutions is an interactive platform that aims to connect owners of lost items with the people who found the lost items or are currently holding them.” please and if you don’t mind check it out here Perhaps you are the only encouragement she needs to cross that bridge.

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