Politically Incorrect 

It’s been long overdue not giving a flicking damn about politics over here. If we could spare a few minutes and dig back in history, the last time we wrote about politics was here. 

Fast forward and it’s a politicking year. Yes wanted to write electioneering but every Tom, Dick and Harry is politicking so I wrote politicking to sound cool, informed and urban. The count_down is fast wasting. The big day is EIGHT AUGUST and the ‘big boys’  are up and about town. My spirit is low for something political but the external urge is adrenaline charged. So we ended here.

Just before then I came across this “7 Things to Remember as We Go to the Polls

1. Everyone has a reason why they support their candidate and your reason isn’t more important than theirs, respect everyone’s opinion.

2. Look at the big picture. Five years is a short time, don’t get so emotional.

3. Be careful about social media. Treat news on social media with care before, during and after the elections and be careful what you share.

4. Learn to be political not partisan. Vote your conscience even if your candidate doesn’t win. Stand for a principle, don’t vote for or against personalities. Put Kenya first.

5. Face the truth. The party in power can never replace hard work and determination; you can be poor with your party in power if you have the wrong mindset.

6. Prepare yourself for the results. Condition your mind, it could go either ways.

7. Kenya is bigger than any political party or a 5 year government. I would rather live for 5 years under a government I hate, than struggle in a civil war for decades.

There is more to life than an election. I stand for peace, let’s stand united irrespective of our political differences to better our country.Kindly circulate and educate your neighbour.


Absolutely gospel truth that is.  But so bad with or without elections, elections rather matters politics have come to rule our airwaves as a nation. Media only sells because well, they write politics. Politicians only remain relevant because they speak politics but then again who are we to blame them when that’s what puts food on table. Plus will we be fair enough to blame them yet we give them audience? Couldn’t that be a fair case scenario of double standards?

Apparently politics weilds this innate super natural Power to command and direct the other aspects of society read economic and social primarily through matters policy but then again most of the time politics itself takes an individualistic direction. Why and how? All over the place chaps want to get into political leadership but a fair majority of them all want to get there for the wrong reasons. Serving and serving right is last on their platter.

I don’t know but it tends to stand ground that absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Yet that’s what ours offer. Political  Leadership that yields so much power for the bearers till we got scenarios of people killing for power! Bad thing right? And yes political leaders of our day and time believe that they are above the law even after the promulgation of the now six years old ‘new’ Constitution that outlines in length on leadership integrity. You and I are still rife with the mean statement “we are the ones who make laws, we can break them” Let’s not even go there!

Why I say people are motivated to get into political leadership for the wrong motives is political leadership of the modern day Kenya is become a get rich quick scheme sorry I needed to sound composed but plain truth could get twisted.  Corruption  is become the crowning jewel. Left right and Centre public coffers are being looted by victims who walk scort free in broad Daylight. A society on a downward troll not unless action prevails and God intervenes in person.

It’s Abraham Lincoln who said if you want to lead and lead well, first and foremost eliminate those who brought you to power. Yes and correct. But here the narrative is opposite of that. All the leaders do is embark on a mission to reward those who brought them to power. Then ethics are compromised. Values are neglected and priorities approached up and down. What we end up with is complete misleading on place of leadership. Then top most leadership will throw hands in the air and say “my hands are tied. I can’t fight corruption”

Politics have taken Centre stage. So bad that our political narrative is all but a tribal orientation. All but ethnical (mis)calculations. This has birthed the rhetoric of one of our own that cycles back to the game of rewards above and we end up with corruption Fire being fanned and channed. What that notional one of our own does is allow a people to compromise on the real hard stuff. Compromise on integrity. Compromise on fit and elect leaders entirely on stomach hunger. A mistrued belief that one of our own being in power means food on table which is not universally the case.

If we could look at Power by picking from Uncle Bens of the spiderman movue; Greater Power comes with greater responsibility, then political leadership would be refined and directional. Yet again if we would go forward in time and rewrite Uncle Ben’ words I’m the same script to read “greater responsibility comes with greater Power” then our mental paradigm would shift to us taking up the responsibility to hold our leaders accountable and that would be politically correct!


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