A football Match

A football match


You will have had a busy week. The gods will convince you that a football match on an idle Sunday afternoon will go a long way in chasing time. Not that football for you is a matter of life and death. In fact you don’t even bet but you understand SportPesa is the biggest cash cow of this century. You are that sideline fan (a fan who supports the winning side; Future Dictionary) hehe lie! On a good day some mild teams will be battling it out in an easy to watch game. On a bad day, miles far away (read London) Arsenal will be playing Manchester United. It will be a derby. The football gods will not be at ease. Tempers will be high. Adrenalines will flow faster than river Ewaso Nyiro. Noise levels will be high as arguments take the center stage. Sleeves will be rolled; fists will be clinched and blows thrown flying in the air. Someone will go home with a sore eye all because some baggy-stomached man and another bald spotting boy dressed in a fake Arsenal jersey would not agree on which among the Scorpion Kicks was superb! In a land far away someone will hang themselves because well, the best team lost. Sorry allow you don’t hear stories of a neighborhood kid who will miss on Sportpesa Jackpot by a whisker!

This was one will be one those mild days



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