Business 101

Business 101


Week One:

A quick recap perhaps; The Biz Hub is a forum where individuals meet and kind of brainstorm on ideas. To juice it up; The Biz Hub is a land of opportunity. You walk in meet serious witty people who will give you countless insights into life and business as they listen to your side of the story. Then you will feel good about yourself! In a nut shell, Every Friday morning, we will be shooting up some post here that will guide our discussion for that week. Every Friday evening thus we will be all holed up on the fourth floor of the Norwich Union house oozing of Knowledge and ideas. For those who don’t fathom the town well, Norwich house is tucked on Mama Ngina Street towards where it intersects with Moi Avenue and Kimathi Street. To the breast, it borders the Union Towers that has Galitos where skinny girls queue up for Pizza every Tuesday. It is opposite the Hilton. One more landmark, right outside Norwich house some guy stands welding a machete and a wooden gun his name; Dedan Kimathi. If you get lost, blame Google maps! We embrace an open door policy. We are open to all without segregation and or discrimination. So come one come all.

Week two:

This is sequential to an earlier post and thus starts here Biz Hub. Business 101 is about the basics to furnish one’s self with in the quest to delve into the hyped Entrepreneurship journey. It is such a wide area but we choose to focus on the three core areas as listed:

  • The different types of Businesses
  • Business Registration; a Kenyan Perspective
  • The capital Question (The Elephant in The room)

Business is an interesting journey that needs ones commitment, attention, time and the undying desire to be on the lookout for real-time information. It is thus what motivates us to give you these key guidelines as broken above with the hope that they will guide you in a way or the other in your journey to stardom:



Business Organisations

There are different types of businesses one can choose. These include but not limited to:

Limited companies

Sole Proprietorships


Follow the above link to check on the specifics for the different types




Business Registration

Starting a Business

Forms of legal incorporation of business enterprises in Kenya include: incorporated limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships, cooperatives, companies limited by guarantees for most non-profit organisations, and representative offices. Foreign investors favor limited liability companies which offer advantages similar to those offered by corporate bodies in other countries



Capital Question

When it comes to business, Capital poses as the Elephant in the room. Offered here is six proposed ways by which this aspect can be approached:

  • Use Retained profits.
  • Take advantage of asset based financing.
  • Look for venture capitalist to fund you.
  • Join a chama and save
  • Take advantage of an Angel investor
  • Use peer to peer lending networks


Basically all you need to do is decide on what kind of Business Organisations you are interested in starting. Then go through the Business Registration procedures but most importantly, you should be in a position to answer the Capital Question and as we have said here before, the right angle is; i want to start a business, sell something, invent, create, dream and grow

And if you don’t mind partners, allow I see you at the top!


PS: Week three we go deeper and look into Business Ideas. Welcome!


Click here; Business-101-e-book-pdf to download Your E_book .


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