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An Introduction

Hi. Am Tony.

Am a BRAND Enthusiast. I blog and lately am a Social Entrepreneur. I write about big ideas and give Branding advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say am funny. Other people ask we meet over coffee. Tell me something and make me feel good about myself. Anything.

To get more precise perhaps, I am an Influencer marketer. I run and own an Enterprise called TWIC: a Branding Business. We do many things (Both offline and online) all interrelated and groomed around the brand building spectrum broken down into Sales, Marketing and adverts. Under the enterprise, we run three Sites: : “A Different Narrative”

A Branding Blog (Both Personal and Business) : “Power To Build”

Brand Building Business : “Opportunity”

Where we meet over coffee and discuss Business (and the reason for this write up!)

The Genesis

Mine has been a different narrative. In between I realized we all got Power to Build and decided we meet over coffee and find Opportunities. Doesn’t make sense? Never mind!

What I am basically saying is; I started off by developing and creating which is powered to the marrow by WordPress (WordPress Basics). Which has and continues to give me insights into stuff far and wide. Along the way I created a business out of the experience of doing this. Its where we are now ( Going forward the desire to have some platform where people meet and interact on how to help each other struck up. So can we meet over coffee people?

In its primacy though, Biz Hub was inspired by the fact that a majority of you here camped in my inbox asking me about stuff both personal and business. Most of the times I wrote back something in poor handwriting. But some of the times I had no answer. Sorry if the later applied to you!

Basically someone knows something that somebody doesn’t know. Come to think of it? What of if someone meets somebody and each tells the other what the other knows and they don’t know? That will be networking and the concept is called Leveraging. That is a wide topic which if you don’t mind I will beg we delve into it in a different setting. Thank you.

What The Hell is The Biz Hub. Wait, why are we even here?

The Biz Hub is a forum where individuals meet and kind of brainstorm on ideas. To juice it up; The Biz Hub is a land of opportunity. You walk in meet serious witty people who will give you countless insights into life and business as they listen to your side of the story. Then you will feel good about yourself!

In a nut shell, Every Friday morning, we will be shooting up some post here that will guide our discussion for that week. Every Friday evening thus we will be all holed up on the fourth floor of the Norwich Union house oozing of Knowledge and ideas. For those who don’t fathom the town well, Norwich house is tucked on Mama Ngina Street towards where it intersects with Moi Avenue and Kimathi Street. To the breast, it borders the Union Towers that has Galitos where skinny girls queue up for Pizza every Tuesday. It is opposite the Hilton. One more landmark, right outside Norwich house some guy stands welding a machete and a wooden gun his name; Dedan Kimathi. If you get lost, blame Google maps!

We embrace an open door policy. We are open to all without segregation and or discrimination. So come one come all.

We will do this over and over again till we pass the opportunity to all of you. Just for emphasis; Every Friday of the week from 5.30pm to 9pm when all the absent teenagers are partying. Starting today evening (6th January 2017) Make a date. Don’t be late.

Should we Expect Anything?

Why not? I ask. As I said let’s take this serious but let’s not kill the fun. Walk in; meet serious witty people who will give you countless insights into life and business as they listen to your side of the story. Then you will feel good about yourself! Why? Your Business Acumen will flourish.

An Outro

The small charge we hull your way helps cater for the logistics and goes a long way of ensuring the sustainability of this initiative. When you feel Santa enough, stretch your hand. Once in a while great speakers and industry trailblazers will sneak in to shape the Agenda but when they can’t join us lets always believe in ourselves and set the ball rolling for we are the chosen generation!

The guiding theme is “OPPORTUNITY” The guiding theme for this Week is “52 weeks of purpose Forum”

*The Biz Hub thus is an initiative of . Like our Facebook page at Business meetings and ask a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend that Opportunity is here!

Week One:




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