Sky Fall

Sky Fall


Sky Fall sounds like some name for a movie you watched. Just like you I got the same feeling as well. Allow we do not talk about Sky fall the movie but in its place talk about our own version of Sky Fall. You will have had a busy day. It will be some days before that royal famous holiday; Christmas. The last part of your day will find you in a ghetto market set-up. You will be on a mission far different from concerning the market but your eyes will drift into observation mode. And observations you will make. It will be late evening and the sun will be in a rush home before its mama beats him to getting home and demands an explanation of where he spent the whole day. Shades of darkness will be taking over sliding in one after the other like naughty kids in a mango farm. Some gigantic lights will be sending shivers of light through the place illuminating figures of civilization.

Everyone will be helter skelter doing something…..



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