Christmas Gift Ideas

Pocket Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas:  


It is that time of the year again and as they say Santa Clause is coming to town. Yes, Santa is you. All and sundry expect to give and receive in appreciation of the birth and life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. By Statistics, Christmas is the most observed Holiday around the globe. At one point in time I was in a discussion with a friend who said people only give attention to the things that they really want to give attention and time to. By way of example he used Christmas to say, have you ever realized that people will celebrate Christmas whether it falls on Sunday or Monday? During the year however when you ask someone for say a meeting on June 1st, they will remind you “June 1st is a public Holiday, can we do this after the holiday?

It is a good thing to make merry feel happy and celebrate Christmas through gifting but then again the elephant in the room tends to be ‘state of the economy’. So does it mean that since the economy is ailing all of us should fall sick along and wish this Christmas thing came and went as we snored at night rather curse that Christmas is a fantasy? No! There is always a way by which one add one should drop you at two. Think about it!


Time happens to be the biggest asset every one of us has. No wonder Tom, Dick and Harry say Time is money. It is indeed money out right.

To start with now that the busy year is way behind as and the holidays are here to roost, time is unlimited. We have the glory of time around us (hohoho)

What can we do with all this time? Rest. Relax. Have fun but most importantly gift it to others by visiting friends and relatives, Visiting the needy and sick at hospitals and perhaps spending a day with some children home. The choice is yours between some of the above, all of the above and or none of the above.


Sounds like Use Re-use campaign. Yes your guess is as right as mine. Even environmentalists will nod yes to that. And the scientists in the house will want to twist this to Global warming which might or might not be related.

The only setback with this though; as humans we tend to develop an inseparable emotion to stuff that was gifted to us. Thus letting go feels like losing a lover (hehehe) But it is highly possible that along the way there are some gifts you have kept for way too long and some other aspect would be some people might have hulled your way stuff that you dint fancy. But you took them any way and popped a plastic smile and if you are a girl said “Wow! Wow! This is amazing. Aki, you are way too kind” Point is, at this point in time you can sort out your memorabilia and give out what you think should create space.

Clean up your closet

Sounds Eminem-ish..Yes the year is fast gone. Over the years you have been piling stuff in your dig. It reaches a point in time when you have to clean your closet and sort out your crib. That point in time brethren it is now. (was almost adding…or never)

You will realize that as you do that you will end up with a heap of stuff that at now looks foreign in your place. Go ahead feel Santa and give such stuff to someone who might need them. They will remember you in their Prayers and God’s blessings will walk your path.

Buy in Bulk

In Economics class they teach about some concept called ‘Economies of Scale’ Good people what that means is, by way of you buying in bulk (large quantities) you enjoy discounted pricing and in return save huge on spending. Pocket friendly right? “Now why should I buy so much stuff?” Calm down Thomas. Easy Easy. What I am basically driving at is, reach out to friends who are buying similar stuff like you and put together your monies. Then go buy from some distributor. It is that simple magical.


Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Got it? If there is anything you can do this festive season then it is to communicate.

Talk to someone. Someone will talk to someone. Someone will also talk to someone. You see? Eventually everyone will feel good about themselves just because someone cared to tell them “buddy, merry Christmas and Happy new year!”


If you don’t mind gang, allow too I drop someone a gift. Am off .Bye!




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