Form one selection simplified



Word in town, KCSE results are scheduled for announcement before Christmas. The same results that were released deep inside March of the following year. Question though; what have we done right? Some will dwell in History and ask; what  was done wrong before? Thumbs up Dr. Matiang’i Keep pressing that button sir.

That beside and KCPE results were out to everyone’s surprise. But its only but a case study of how focused leadership can turn around sectors. Following is a guide on checking form one selection slots via SMS then Online:

How to Check Form One Selection 2017 via SMS

To check the secondary school you have been admitted to via SMS, send an SMS with your Index Number to 20042 from any network.


Carrier charges will apply as per the respective charges of the individual telco company.




How to Check Form One Selection 2017 online or get adminission letter


To check which school your child has been admitted to, go to the Ministry of Education website


1. Select the County and Sub-county you sat KCPE then key in your index number and Submit.


2. Click on the Admission Letter at the bottom of the page for your copy of your admission Letter.


3. Use the Printer icon to print or Download icon to download to your computer.


4. Please get your primary school’s Headteacher to endorse this letter in the space provided after printing



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