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‘A Different Narrative’

Winstontony is a Branding Blog covering Personal Development and matters Business

As part of extending the branding Galore, Winstontony also offers company’s and or brands a platform to market their products and services by reaching out to the decisive readers in our target markets across the scope. Winstontony is making it possible for Brands to tap on the expansive online market characterized by Tech savvy and highly informed consumers.

It is a different Narrative.

WORDPRESS (A short Background)

WordPress; the free and open source publishing software that powers more than 25% of the internet, is a web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time (WordPress.org)


Just before we get there ladies and Gentlemen, allow you hear what I brand ‘My WordPress Story’

My WordPress Story

And this is the abbreviated version of “My WordPress story”

Deep late into 2012, I was attached to an Old Mutual affiliated insurance agency tucked on the sixth floor of Pioneer House; the one right opposite that August eight Memorial park. (I remember square right since that’s where my WordPress story curved out) This was part of my college attachment assignment as I looked forward to graduate close of 2013. The job description was vague; Just some boring clerical data entry work in the morning to noon hours and a vast afternoon to chase away on the internet. One idle afternoon, as I checked my now many accounts on the internet, I stumbled on some article. I read on. That article was published on a WordPress Blog. WordPress was a new term. But sounded familiar for all through I have loved words.

Bottom low of the write up, it read “Create Your Own Free WordPress Blog” I took it up. No tools of trade. No mastery of the game. Nothing; just passion fired by agility. One step guided into the other. The other guided into the other and the continuity bore winstontony.wordpress.com. That afternoon I did entirely nothing else. The process got into me and I loved the flow.

From then now, I committed to learning the trade. To getting the tools and to getting my hands dirty digging stuff wordPress. There exists a WordPress back office where step by step you create your content then post it up for the world. To sum it up, it is been a learning curve. Initially it was just a hobby; more of a fan zone. I wasn’t specific from start but time has come to curve it towards Branding. I committed to posting at least three times a week; Mondays (Creative), Wednesdays (Education) and Friday (Business). I call it A Different Narrative. Indeed it is.

Along the way, I decided to change Winstontony.wordpress.com to www.winstontony.com . Winstontony turned Four this September. She is a happy kid. She laughs often. It’s not the hysterical type of laugh, it’s a giggle. She is damn talkative, talking far and wide about matters branding. Gang, meet Winstontony.

THE BASICS (The Magic 8)

To simplify this further I have wrestled it down to eight simple steps which I call the Magic Eight. Well, eight is my lucky Number but that’s a nice story for another day:

  • Finding a Name then Tagline 


    • Alongside the name, goes the Tagline. This might as well be the Slogan. Rather it’s a short sentence that in a wrap communicates what your brand (Blog) supports or is about. Think of something fancy
    • If you notice, most people will address you by your name. Right that’s your identity. It is what people bring out in an effort to command your attention. And just like you, Your WordPress Blog will need an identity. It will need a name. Something that identifies it to the world. So find a name that is impressive for you and or your target audience as well.
  • Setting up your Blog


    • Having gotten a name, then possibly a tag line, it’s time to fire it up; to start a journey of a thousand miles with a single step. All you do is type “WordPress” in your browser of choice. From the home page of WordPress org you will choose the option to sign up since you are a new user. You will input your email address and create a password (this is what you will be using for all matters WordPress going forward) you will then proceed to input your chosen name for your blog site. (Remember success of one step auto directs to the next. All you do is save and continue) by now you will be at the General Settings section of your WordPress Site. Top left on your Computer, you can go back to the main Dash board where you can choose any activity listed.
  • About And Blog Pages


    • Your WordPress Site is up this far. The next destination is to set up some Site Pages before doing your very first live WordPress Post. Important of all the pages is the “About” Page. It will contain a short description of what your WordPress Site will be all about. It’s here you tell your new reader what they are to expect in their tour of Your Site. You can afterwards create as many pages as you wish pegged on the diversity of your online mission that is going to be powered by WordPress.
  • Basic Back office/Your first Blog
  • When you click at “Posts” it will scale down to “All Posts” then <add New Post> Click on that and it will direct you to creating your first ever post in a step by step guide.   


  • As indicated above, on the top left side of your computer you will click and access the Dash board. The Dashboard is the WordPress Blogging Back office. On the left downward row, it has several options as Posts, Pages, Settings among others further broken down to sub categories. The vast middle section has information on Comments, Themes and a subsection displaying Data Analytics info for site traffic. Far right row has options for categories, Sharing tools and tags.


  • Consistency
  • At this point in time you will have created and posted your first ever post on a WordPress Site. People will be in a position to read your work and comment or like. You will be in a position to access this activity from the Dashboard (Back office) whenever you log in. slow but sure your readership will grow. At this juncture, it is prudent that you define your consistency (of Posting; How often will you be posting here) Normally readers, without communication though expect something next as soon as they read what you have written.


  • Talent/Hobby/Skill Streamlining
  • WordPress is filled with written word Enthusiasts. Writing itself is fun. Anything fun is worth doing.


  • Social Media Sharing
  • WordPress gives you an option to optimize your reach by sharing your WordPress activity on your diverse Social Media Sites. This rider benefit can easily be added via the WordPress setting section of your Site.


  • Personalizing and Customization
  • With a free WordPress blog, customization options are limited to bare minimum. With a personalized WordPress Blog site, Customization options are unlimited.
  • Initially WordPress Site is offered free of charge. However there exists varied business packages priced at pocket friendly amounts to choose from. With a free site, the Term WordPress is pinned along your site name such as www.exampleblog.wordpress.com You have the option to personalize your site upon payment of a yearly set fee. Upon personalizing your site the term “WordPress” is dropped and thus your site will read something like www.exampleblog.com




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