Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper.


You receive a call. No it is an email first. It is terse and straight to the point. It’s written by a girl. The handwriting tells it all (hehe) down below it she put her line with a PS: “Just in case you might need further clarification” You conclude she’s is a good person because well it is never as easy to get a girl in this town to allow you save her number.

You got the message right. But you need some clarification. The next day you call. She picks. She says her name is Anita. That name rings a bell. Attention please for this is not about Anita ringing a bell. This as she puts it, is about some upcoming event by Branding Beyond Borders steered by a pretty lovely lady by the names Nana Wanjau.

Gang, if you don’t mind allow we welcome Nana Wanjau for she is the sole reason why we are gathered here all glued reading this. She is to wrap up the brains behind Branding Beyond borders. Branding Beyond borders are the creators of an executive leadership seminar happening on 24th November; that will stare the renowned Joseph Pine speaking about The experience economy in a first in Kenya. The same event we were talking about.

Where were we, (the, email then the call) you listen through. She explains vividly that you are to report for some meeting at a location on Kindaruma road. You thank her and promise to observe time. It is scheduled for 2pm. You proceed to finish up with some articles. Internet is however snail-slow. Your phone rings. It’s Anita from Branding Beyond borders again. She says the 2pm meeting on Kindaruma Rd is not happening. In its place, a meeting is to take place at the Chambers in Hurlingham opposite the DOD. At four pm.

You are there just about the right time. Some other people are waiting. It’s a nice polished place. It smells of business. You guys are all crumbled at a reception. Some lady is busy typing continuously behind a laptop. It appears she does that every day. No one is talking to each other. Just endless stares in space.

You are led in flock into a board room. The walls are lined with pictures of men whose names bear countless prefixes. It sends a message that as a lady, Nana should have really staged a fight to find all of you in there for the event that is about to take place. It’s an hour of reckoning for at this event, a pen is bound to meet paper. Relationships are bound to be created; a Memorandum of Understanding is destined to be sealed. The Mou will see as a long term partnership KNCC working with Branding Beyond borders to effect projects of global reach. Starting out this journey is Joseph Pine speaking at an executive seminar on 24th November. Joseph Pine is a renowned Us-Based Author who has written countless business books. Among them includes ‘The Experience Economy’ upon which his forthcoming talk is based.

It’s serious business in there. It is one of those sessions your teenage daughter will brand ‘boring’ well it is not about teenagers throwing bash amid blaring music and merry. It’s about business. It’s those events where serious looking CEOs walk in amid deafening silence. Chairs are pulled in respect. Pens and paper exchanged and signatures calligraphed on spiral bound documents as cameras flash nonstop. Then hushed speeches are made and the event called to conclusion and all you end with is a long term working relationship between BBB and KNCCI; One whose mega Luncheon is the Joseph Pine executive leadership Seminar on 24th November.


The Executive Leadership Workshop is organized by Branding Beyond Borders steered by CEO Nana Wanjau. The event brings Joseph Pine; a US based international best selling author of The Experience Economy. He has written massively on Business and he will speak from the revised and updated edition, about ‘The Experience Economy’ in the digital age leading to a more profitable bottom line. The book has been translated in fifteen languages.

In the run up to the Executive Leadership Workshop slated for 24th November at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Upper hill, is a pre-event KNCCI CEO Power Breakfast on the morning of 23rd November. Branding Beyond Borders signed a Partnership relation MOU with Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) on Friday 4th Nov 2016 at the Chamber offices_Hurlingham. The MOU will see KNCCI which is an enabler for networking and partnerships for businesses in Kenya, work as a long term relation with Branding Beyond Borders which aims to connect Africa to the World. The success of the above event will see more future partnerships leveraging on Networks, corporates, SMEs and other fortune 500 companies.

Business Success


Winston_Tony Eboyi is a Project Manager who runs programs on Personal Development and matters Business Branding.



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