The Chase: Part Two



The Chase22

(start from here The Chase: Part One) ok. Read on…

…You keep staring. It keeps dawning. The city keeps coming to life minute after second. Activities pick up at a speed that makes you feel life has wasted you or is it you who has wasted life? Kids in boring uniform walking to school. The bodaboda guys ferrying people. Yellow buses aboard advantaged big bodied kids heading to school; buses and matatus like the one you are in stuck in stagnant traffic. The atmosphere virgin of only hope; people on board hell silent like a deserted cemetery. Some with earphones daggling from their ears, others fumbling on their smart phones and a fair majority deep a sleep. You look at the sleeping ones in glances, no one of them cares. Its like you are the only one who gives a damn care that they exist. The teenager with…

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