Success Factor

You are the success you want

Guest blog by: Saeema Salim; Head Management Consultant Aasan Solutions Ltd.


What is it like to accomplish your goals, create freedom and live a life full of adventure and passion? That journey may sound like a fairy tale but you can make it real. It all starts with one step; investing in yourself. bAre you passionate about a career that you long to sail swiftly in? Or, do you want to be a better person, a creator, an inventor, a developer or a story-teller?

Below are some effective ways that will guide you towards investing in yourself.

  • Career direction


In defining and determining your career’s direction, it is important that you answer the following questions: What are the most important areas to invest in? What have you already invested in and what was the potential outcome? What is your focus?

  • Developing a career plan


Planning your next move is the key to your breakthrough. This can be broken down to lists and charts. You can do this in a note book, a spreadsheet, colour pens and pencils, a browser for research and a calendar.

Review your strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and values. An analysis of each component will help you draw a map to guide your decisions, see where you stand and how you need to move ahead.

Know your comparative advantage – Know your strengths and skills which can add value to your career and are missing in people around you. An accountability partner or friend can share their input with you to help you identify your strengths.

Explore possibilities and make the most of the opportunities – There are vast opportunities out there that you should identify, together with growth areas. Check out what you should abandon and identify possibilities that may affect your career.

Develop expertise – You should not rely on luck or allow people to take chances on you. Make sure you have the training and qualifications required for engagement of your expertise.

Professional networking – People help when they know you. Therefore, you need to connect with people who have the potential to help you achieve your goals. You can do this through social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Analyse current options – Having achieved your goal, your next step will be to look at your short-term and tactical options. This could be an upcoming project that will highlight your comparative edge and will give you an excellent opportunity to shine or perhaps a challenging assignment that will make use of your existing skills in a new way.

Pull it all together – Take some time to analyse and absorb the information you have gathered about you. Take the next step based on the outcomes of your analysis.

Move forward – Now that you have answered some of the key questions and understood what you want from your career, set both short-term and long-term goals and follow them.

  • Mentoring


Mentoring partnerships, both personal and professional are mutually beneficial. Mentors help in developing your leadership skills, improve your communication skills, learn new perspectives, advance your career and gain a personal sense of satisfaction. Based on mutual trust and respect, these partnerships offer advantages to both parties.

  • Family and personal life


There is no success without striking the right balance between your personal and career life. Hence, it is important that while pursuing your career, you should also dedicate more time to yourself and the family.

  • Think out of the box


Every one of us has a wealth of creativity. However, we never realise how our potential can lead us to the sky. Only when we step out of our comfort zone do we feel the transition in our abilities. Therefore, play around with ideas and map out the possibilities.



This article was first published by the MANAGEMENT Magazine in July 2016.


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