How Wantrepreneurs Become Entrepreneurs



DISTINCTION. How Wantrepreneurs Become Entrepreneurs

by winstontony

How Wantrepreneurs Become Entrepreneurs

Over the years I’ve noticed how adept most would-be entrepreneurs are at making sure they never succeed. The problem is they waste precious time drowning themselves in useless content and over-thinking minutiae trying to solve problems they themselves create.

You know what I’m talking about: all the popular content about personal productivity, performance improvement, time management, personal habits, positive thinking, and the like. The irony is, all that nonsense is self-perpetuating. If you don’t waste time on it, you never need it.

Look, the key to becoming successful at anything – your job, your career, or your own business – is not rocket science, folks. It’s finding what you’re good at – what you love doing – learning how to do it better than anyone else, and then doing it. That’s what separates real entrepreneurs from the pack.

To be more specific…

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