When I Walk



Seldom do I run, yes its seldom not unless there is a tragedy around the corner and everyone else is running then who am I not to join suit. No one waits for death seated. We die yes but we die trying, trying to outrun death there’s always kicks of a dying horse. I personally know of guys who run albeit for no reason but they will convince you they have a reason to boot. So they phrase it; a lifestyle or keeping fit or watching weight if they are ladies. Then someone joked, watching your weight is having your weight where you can see it. For a good majority, they run just because everyone else is running. For my case if you have to make me run, you have to put a very fat money prize at the end of the race, that way I will run all save for the Kipng’enos. That said, I don’t run, I walk rather.

On an idle Saturday morning I take a walk. It’s never routine because whenever I feel like am not for it, that is it. I don’t attach a reason to it but I walk as I walk once more I think of the chaps who run, run for no reason. I mean what is the difference between them and night runners. You have not heard of night runners? Then you are yet to meet my grandmother! No she is not one of them you! She has tones of stories of them. She says a good majority comes from the neighboring Kisii. Sorry it’s not me who says but my grandmother rather. We used to have lots of them at high school. That adds some weight to that Kisii theory since that high school is proxy too Kisii town. Those chaps would wake up in the dead night find their way around the congested dormitories and take laps of honor around the school unnoticed naked. Not perhaps by bad lack the watch guard spotted them and narrated that to the teacher on duty in the wee morning hours and boy those stories were scary. You got the part of integration? My chaps above and the night runners all run for no reason its why I detest this running thing.

When I walk, I leave the hood through total at the roundabout corner across valley road past Dayster; the guys who have proclaimed themselves as the movers and shakers. You recall that boring “Movers and shakers” advert on Citizen TV; the one all and sundry protested via social media that it be pulled down and in its place ran the “Aerial, kwa muosho mmoja tu!” for water itself is a scarce commodity in Nairobi. Past Dayster, I navigate around the city mortuary roundabout waiting for decades for vehicles to pass before setting foot on Mbagathi way. Ear phones dangle across my face filling the ears with some old school hip hop but that does not kill the monotonous noise of speeding vehicles on Mbagathi way. Save for that noise, that road would pass for a total quite desert but with shady trees. Its empty most of the time and all my head does is think as I go down towards Mbagathi hospital to take a u turn towards Kenyatta Market unto Golf course road through Mimosa and back to Ngong road then across Rose Avenue that leads home.

Once in a while I come across people headed in the opposite direction. Then from a distance a beautiful girl shows up. Am tempted to talk to her and tell her she got pretty hair but I imagine she might think it’s not hair am interested in. Worse of they might be the types their moms warned about speaking to boys. You know of those mothers? The ones who tell their daughters “when you speak to boys, they make you pregnant and you drop out of school then you lead a desperate life.” Moms please, add a disclaimer that “it’s not all the boys.” Good mothers, we appreciate your role in raising good girls but you might be the reason why some girls think Feminism is a well-paying career!

By the way what all the fuss about Feminism recently?


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