Too Big a Brand

Brand Dominance




Sometimes back, I used to sell in shop in some ghetto and all the mama’s would say “Kijana niuzie Omo ya sunlight” or rather “kijana una Omo ya Toss” I found it funny but to them it is the only way it made sense.

It brings us fast forward to the power of Brands. Thus the question, how big a brand can a brand be? Perhaps in a different forum we can find out the why behind it?

Before we get there, in a similar contrast you remember those days when the primary school tutors would ask “Nani ndio Moi wa Uganda” (To mean or rather translate to who is the president of Uganda?) All students hands up shouting in chorus “Museveni” “Museveni” “Museveni” That’s a nice story for another day.

Powdered detergents, the many brands are just as countless as the same particles that make them but guys only mention “Omo” like in my above case scenario. In other words ‘Omo’ for the mass consumer market is translation for powdered detergents.

The diaper industry its one growing industry with brands mushrooming everyday, do you ever realize how moms insist ‘Pampers’ should mean diapers? As in when they want ‘Pampers’ they mean they want baby diapers. In a similar connection and this is for our good girls, the sanitary pads market on spotlight, the girls only talk of ‘ Always’ this one we will leave it here.

The margarine industry or is it under edible oils? I doubt back then brands were as many but despite the fact that there are a few handful other margarine brands all and sundry mention ‘Blueband.’ Talking of Blue band, lately ave seen them market Blue band as an ingredient for Ugali, did you see?! At high school we had a million uses for that Blue band. I bet you understand the fact that we can not list a million uses here. Thank you for your understanding.

The dilute to taste soft drink brands, they are countless on the supermarkets shelves. Did someone say spoilt for choice? Yes that one. Have you noticed how grannies, sorry my granny only speaks of ‘Quencher?’ In their world, Quencher means all dilute to taste soft drinks

Let us go down (I know of someone; name withheld who will only chip in “…down to earth”) This one was to read let’s go down shoe lane and look at the shoe polish brands options. We have just a handful I guess but Tom, Jerry and Mary only talk of ‘Kiwi’ Speaking of Kiwi, that name has been there for ages. Who doesn’t use Kiwi anyway?

The credit and debit card industry is a tricky one. Recently all banks and major bigwig retail chains have gone that direction with their loyalty engineered versions. Still everyone speaks of Visa card then Master card, but I guess that you know why.


Just how big a brand can a brand be?



2 thoughts on “Too Big a Brand

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