The Business of Pitching Tents

Tent pitching


The Business of Pitching Tents

It holds true that as Kenyans we are last minute people, i doubt if it’s by research but rather by hypothesis. We make decisions on the very brink of the 11th minute. Am a victim, you too stop nodding your head. Yes, you we have been on the same queue twice.

Have always wanted to be top of the list and avoid last minute rush but that’s so non-Kenyan. To say the least nature has a way of making me wait then as I wait I come to realize others wait along as well it’s how we get back to paragraph one.

Many scenarios have brought out this in the recent history but what stands out is the digital Migration deadline and next the transition to smart card-based fare payment for commuters. In both cases Nairobi region was the start of pioneer market as the other parts of the country waited for subsequent roll out.

Adverts were ran, deadlines set and compliance from authorities assured as urgent. It was unto the larger masses to decide when but based on the deadlines were they to migrate digitally. Using smart cards for bus fare all along looked like child’s play. Should I even wonder where it went to?

The deadline finally showed up around the corner and the CBD (Central Business District) is “tented” with merchandisers all and sundry in mad rush to make a last minute sale. From tent to tent, the story was the same with brands like Gotv, Star times, BAMBA Tv and much more to come all in a struggle to beat the global digital migration deadline. The mighty queues’ at those spots might misguide you into thinking that everyone migrated but wait, do you know some chaps never cared that some deadlines existed!?


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