Street Families

Families on the street



Its common phenomena but as common as it is it’s not something we should accept to live with. Not when there’s an option to work it out. I don’t really profess to know how but it’s a matter all can think about.

Back in time a one Honorable John Michuki serving as a minister having successfully delivered in previous capacities to mention just but a few; sanity on the road (Michuki rules), Nairobi river clean up, embarked on a noble cause of resettling the street families. This to say the list was successful as everyone else can applaud. The problem going forward has been sustaining his standards. Exit the good minister (His soul rests in peace) and left right and center our streets boasts of the same menace.

Just the other day Uncle Sam was visiting enroute from the United States of America for the highly famed Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). What happened? Will call it Public Gimmicks of the modern day, or is it politics of the Ostrich; burying the head in the sand at the advent of disaster to assume that calamity is gone! To cut the long story short, all street families were bungled up into NYS Lories and transferred away from the streets in a street cleanup initiative. It happened fast just like how green grass mushroomed on Mombasa road dubbed ‘Kidero Grass’ Good for the visitors bad for the people! After the global event, the street families found their way back to where they know as their first home; streets. What does this communicate? That we can reach a sound solution if we decided, or can’t we?

Speaking of street families, I have been a victim not once not twice but on many occasions bumping into shabbily dressed kids neither bathed nor fed stretching out dirty palms for help or should I say handouts? A stone throw distance; I can spot their mothers in similar state seated waiting eagerly to possess whatever you put into these kids hands, that’s if you ever mind. It is agonizing that these kids will grow up cultured that life revolves around stretching out hands to receive handouts from strangers. They will think that they deserve. I mean it’s been that way their entire lives! It’s a sorry generation we are grooming right from the start. Thus we would rather have more concrete actions rather than just dropping coins into their waiting hands. Perhaps it helps for a moment but I doubt. It’s not their fault but as a society it’s the only option we have at their disposal to say the list.

The worst case scenario of which I have been a victim as well is down street where street urchins grab stuff from passersby. Worse still they threaten death to victimize innocent citizens stealing from them eventually. In some instances, they threaten to smear human waste to their faces if they don’t part with whatever they have peacefully. Whereas in other cases, they threaten to inject them with sterile syringes. So bad that such lawlessness acts thrive in our midst unchecked.

Sometimes back we wrote about an English speaking street boy whose English changed his fate. Kudos and kudos once more for the good Samaritans but how many of the street kids are their fate designed in a similar manner as his?

Recently there was a case of a street boy who lost life as a result of a fight that ensued when a Good Samaritan came to serve them food, so bad that this happens over and over with little or no notice.

Going by the figures on the street currently, this scenario is getting out of hand fast and Furious. All it calls out loud and clear for is collective responsibility and or redress.



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