The Round up: April, No fooling.




Fast forward to first April 2016, April Fool’s day happened. Some chaps got fooled left right and centre. Sorry for you guys who got fooled. We feel for you, you are many. Could we be lucky enough to be in government, we would form a commission of inquiry to look into how such fate befall you in particular and not the minority us who were silently following “a no fooling policy.” Sorry once again!

So nature had it that the full moon showed earlier marking some equinox late March, in which case, the Easter Holiday happened in March not the conventional April. Poor us we had to endure a full month of no Holiday. The chaps affiliated to Atwoli know what I mean; the same chaps he has denied a pay rise. Is it him or the government?

Around the big boys arena, all talks were converged to some interesting topic of “No case to answer motion” All and sundry had their version of what that meant. The rest of us followed. Followed with intent. To cut the long story short rather the short story shorter; you remember “The Ocampo six?” Yes. Natural selection re-structured them to “Ocampo four” then “Ocampo three.” In between and as the restructuring happened Ocampo exited the scene and entered Bensouda. In this case we are now talking of “Bensouda three.” As the scene unrolled, power changed hands scripted “choices have consequences.” This finally left us with “Ocampo two” Sorry “Bensouda two.” My friend Omar said it was one and a half man! Omar, isn’t one and half man a movie? Am happy to report that the two were acquitted but sad that some rallies happened aboard Nakuru county with counter rally in the famous Kibera slum; envisioned, “we should not dance on the graves of the victims, let justice prevail! One in fight of the other. PEACE and more PEACE!

“IEBC must go!” where? You ask? I don’t know but it must go either way. I don’t declare, I hear. That’s the chant that saw our opposition chiefs tear-gassed in a university like protest. All in concerted effort to move those vote chaps out of office. This one is along one. The scenes are still building up…

Ivory belongs to the Elephants. Everyone say along “Ivory belongs to the Elephants” Gang this one here is a noble cause. Just as we hit close, presidents and distinguished dignitaries congregated at the KWS neighbor; Uhuru Gardens to set a blaze tonnes of towers of ivory. The effect will perhaps just perhaps do mercy to the Rhinos and Elephants we have lost over the decades. It’s a breed threatened with extinction.

The flood menace is been here.  Left right and centre its showers, rains and then water, water all over the place. So sad that in a Nairobi outskirt; Huruma a seven storey building came crumbling down owning to the flooding menace. Rest in Peace to the fallen souls as the rescue mission continues. The same questions that have been asked before over and over are asked again in a more remorseful tone.


Welcome baby MAY.



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