The Global Money Week

Youth and Finance


Spanning from 14th March ending on 20th March, the Global Money Week is been happening. The Global money week is an international initiative that happens in countries around the Globe within the month of March on a yearly timing. This years theme has a focus on the youth and embracing a saving culture in particular.

Talking of saving, saving is a field of keen concern. The financial guys often give us their views especially on why saving is the key to success. A common phenomenal is said that when it comes to saving money, you are supposed to save before you spend rather than save what you are left with after spending! Isn’t the later that you and me do? (nod) smile for we can change to the other. Can’t we.?


The game with saving is marred with factors that are not as coherent. I deally the question is why do we save? The answer is just as varied as we have seven billion souls on the planet earth to boot. Every one has their own reason for saving. Be it for a rainy day (do you know which.?) Be it for that project you have always wanted to execute. Be it for going back to school. Be it for acquiring property such as land, car. Be it for a lifestyle upgrade. Be it saving for savings sake. There has to be a drive that forms the basis rather reason as to why we save. That way it becomes habitual and integrates into a culture; a way of life. Heard of SWAG? not the one your teenage daughter flosses on instagram you! This one goes Save With a Goal (SWAG) thats swaggish right.? Bottom line save with a purpose.


Thus we are talking of two classes rather groups of people here. The class above, the group that boasts of all but savers. Let’s denote them as SWAG. On the other side there’s the other group on the other side of things, the one that believes saving is just but imaginary. They are of the YOLO euphoria. Here YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. To that matter we denote this group as the YOLO’S. It’s a hip hop mindset way of thinking. That life is to be lived not postponed. The two groups each have strict abidees. It’s like a religion, you know? A million plus groupings all believing metaphorically in a universal common source of life;God.


In Africa and across the world, YOUTH are a subject of concern especially in respect to the challenges they face in the struggle to find a footage they call their own. On youth misfortunes some one recently blogged “you apply for jobs and the response is more disappointing than Besigyes shot at the Ugandan presidency!” Take employment for example and the Kenyan unemployment rate stands at 45% just to mention. What does that mean.? That means every year we witness jovial youths graduate in readiness for the job market that has nothing to offer! What an irony? This and many more reasons could be what stands in the way of embracing saving as a culture.


Then why just don’t people save? It might appear like the reason is obvious; we don’t have anything left to save. Period! Backed with the harsh economic times. No, think again. Some people don’t just find a reason enough to save. I bet it’s among the key reasons as to why initiatives such as the global as you the oney week exist!


#join somewhere let’s do the Global money week chant.!


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