THE ROUND UP: Lovely February

The Month Of February




Some people call it the month of Love. Some people in bold and underline because its not everyone who is in love going by the February SI units however how much the motivation guys will straggle that word to give it deviant meanings. Meaning meant to drive chaps away from the harsh reality that they are indeed alone. Read not loved! If you are that gutty. So the Japanese say if you want good service serve yourself first. For matters February going forward we shall in one accord and solidarity chant “if you want good love, Love yourself first!


We looked forward to the 2015 KCSE examination results. Everyone was eager. Me too. Someone just hissed “you too” “Why?” You ask? The reasons are as many as the stars of the sky but I’ll give mine first; the rampant examination cheating cases reported during the invigilation period!

As we waited we had politics to boot and some by-election brewing up in the midst of the now order of the day corruption scandals. The IEBC guys hit the road voter hunting and the turn up was bizarre. We shall save that for another murky day.

True. That our Waiguru cast movie re-surfaced. The final episode I guess. Big and thunderous and “affidavit” became word on the street. The scary word in town. Everybody said they dint know the other. The other too dint know everybody. Me too I will use this forum to declare I don’t know you just in case we are both mentioned! Brother, that’s the norm now and forever more or until this NYS movie is being cast

So February had twenty nine days and the next time we will experience that is four years from now. That’s it. Just that! What? February was gone! My Oh my.

******************Happy progressing MARCH Good People*******************



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