The World is In Business

World Business



Indeed it’s outright truth that the world is in business. Rather the world runs on business. Everyone is in business one way or the other either way. My friend Thomas quips “Hey You. That isn’t correct Tony!” I ask how? Sorry why? He goes “myself am not in business,” with a victory glittering face. “I work for an NGO” and says as if to hammer the final nail on the coffin. Dumb. I say not to him but to myself. Look Tom, what do you understand by the word business? He speaks a thousand words in a single second like that Jack Macall guy in a thousand words comic. Before I wrap my statement with a proper question mark, he rejoins “at school, we were taught business is a transaction of goods and or services for money or monetary value” Am tempted to ask which school did you go to. Is it the kind that hosts presidential debates or the type that acts as a polling station? Normally he is dumb at jokes so I withhold and fake satisfaction.

If there’s a documentary I watch over and over is “Men who built America” It spurs American business of yester years. The American business sphere unlike say the African one is quite old dating back to 17th Century with corporations that have survived the test of time counting up to more than three Centuries of service delivery. Most of the civilization and by extension business engagements in Africa starts at the dawn of the 19th Century. Unfortunately most businesses do not survive the re-generational test of time. In Kenya for instance it’s possible to list home grown companies that have been in steady operation past the golden Jubilee celebration; the fifty year mark. Albeit the list won’t be as long.

In that documentary John De Rockefeller who’s built an empire on oil trade says the country runs on oil and indeed it does run on oil to date. The world too by extension. I love the tussle, coalitions, goodwill and at some point bad blood between this all powerful depicted men. For them it’s not business, it’s not worth of discussion. Of interest is John De Rockefeller of Standard oil, Carnegier of American steel, J.P Morgan of Morgan corporation and later entrants to name; Henry Ford of General Motors and Thomas Edison of General Electric. Perhaps you will remember Edison for having discovered 999 ways not to make a light bulb! From scratch these business men build empires strategically offering goods and services that are considerately vital among the American population and the world by extension.

One thing that interests me about business is the phenomenal value addition mission. The overall SWOT concept that sums the operational context of business. The unmatched commitment for businesses to compete effectively for that one consumer and give the best in service and goods. The commitment of business to be sensitive to the environment and society at large in as much as there’s the balance of the congruency and alignment to the other propagative dynamics around which business operates in. In value addition thus businesses improve not themselves but the livelihoods of the many individuals and the overall economic landscape of economies and or states.

Back to my friend Tom and whether you like it or not, the world is in business. Its business that runs the world or is it that the world runs on business? Yes we go to school and come out to either mind our own business or rather mind JOBs (Join Other people’s Business) Tom even the damn NGO you work for is in the damn business of improving peoples livelihoods. Understood?


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