The dictionary definition of the word “opportunity” is a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something. It’s synonymous to; lucky chance, favorable time, occasion or moment, right set of circumstances, occasion, moment, opening, option, window of (opportunity)turn, go, possibility. Opportunity too might mean an amount of time or situation in which something can be done.

I read “Audacity of Hope” by Barrack Obama; the world’s most powerful man in the reins of power. Of interest was his chapter on opportunity and how he views the word opportunity in the American sphere and then in relation to the world. Based on his conclusion, its best said America is viewed as a land of opportunities. As a senator for instance he had the rare opportunity to fly a lot. He used a private jet on most of the occasions. In flying however he missed the opportunity to meet, mingle and interact with the constituents for example as the case would have been when he drove down the villages to meet farmers, laborers’ and the likes who shared their experiences on life and the US politics. He counter-showcases what can be considered as ideal opportunities for an American citizen. On a different occasion, he meets Larry page at their expansive Google offices and gets to interact with the employees. This gives opportunity a multidimensional approach. Obama’s case of having been born a child of mixed race as he notes; a Kenyan father and a white mother and the overall opportunities America has afforded him. As he says the early opportunity he got to work as a community organizer with the people of Chicago straight out of law school gave him the opportunity to consider politics for a career. He delves into the hope of making America a land of opportunity for generations to come.


Boy was high on glue or some stuff of the sort but the message was passed squarely right. The video went viral and spiral on social media. It depicted a young street boy who came out to speak of a situation him and countless others face on the streets. In his talk he related the problems therein to the government and the larger society. In conclusion he noted the situation is just how it is; detrimental but all him and other disadvantaged kids lack is opportunity.

Street families are not some unfamiliar thing from mars. It’s a situation we have lived with time immemorial. On the busy Nairobi streets its common to bump into kids as young as two popping into your way extending open palms murmuring “help” In most cases we consider them a nuisance especially with evident media broadcasted instances of unscrupulous business people using beggars to make a kill! Our boy here being on the streets is not news. So are countless others. News rather is that he spoke. Spoke in fluent English to the exclamation of masses. He spoke of opportunity as the only thing he lacks and that keeps him on the street! We are at least starting from somewhere. Amazing!

Am happy that from the masses well-wishers showed up. Not to run PR stunts but rather to extend a helping hand to this our boy. His desire to live a life away from the street was granted. Someone responded to the call and offered to see him through schooling. That’s opportunity. Kudos! To the young boy: Our dreams are valid. Truly valid no matter where we are coming from. Keep going.


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