THE ROUND: Too Long A Month; January

Too Long A Month; January


“Viola! Viola! Viola!” its how we jumped a we welcomed the new year but wasnt it just the other day? Indeed yes. How time moves and January is no longer here. Did You notice? That was massive first. As if that’s all but child play, the first week of february is long gone….!

What was it about January that everyone says it was ann extraordinarily long ,month. I ask. So do you! Rhetoric, it is. May said it was perhaps six two days. Others said something more but we will save that for another day.


Its been that month we come around with some wonderful energy. with aspirations soo high and mighty. True every journey  of one thousand miles starts with one single step so off we went…..


The political scene was still a bit silent save for a few cooking stories that showed up in the subsequent month and we are still watching with anticipation.

The business environment has been dormant picking up at a pace that is the slowest in history. Gradually all will be better sooner than any one will tell.

Find some time to read:

Eleutherios by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller/

Opening sentences: “It had been many years since the organ had last given voice. Friar Julian had been a younger man — though by no means a young man — then, and had wept to hear the majesty brought forth by his fingers.”

When I first read this story I didn’t know it was part of a larger world. According to the Baen website it takes place in Lee and Miller’s Liaden Universe. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the books set in this world, it doesn’t matter. The story stands on its own, a feat not many authors manage to pull off. The story hooked me with the early description of a damaged organ cared for by a monk who longs to hear it played again. The Abbey he resides in also serves as a detention center of sorts, for criminals awaiting trial. The story takes its time weaving together the prisoner’s story with the fate of the monk and the organ, but the payoff is well worth it.


Keep posted. Happy time.



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