Like Winston Churchill


After the awards sesion it was now time for the winners to give some terse speech to the attending audience. Our category came last on the floor. Starting with the top winner,  I was to talk the last person. To my bewilderment, immediately it was my turn to pick the microphone everyone  in the hall went wild with joy and nonstop cheer. For these short moment I felt like a newly crowned great king standing before a multitude of dignitaries.

This gave me great confidence and courage . I ascended unto the platform, held the microphone firmly in my left hand and waved at my distinguished audience which was still wild with joyous clapping. For a moment, my mind was blank, but as soon as I assumed an upright posture on stage, ideas began flowing into my mind like river sio flowing into lake Victoria. I cleared my throat and spoke out. “ ladies and gentlemen, the guests and my fellow colleagues your presence is honoured. I am Eboyi Winston, . First and foremost I am too glad to win in this years competition and I thank the organisers. My only word is to move a word of motivation to my fellow students who are still at school to take keen interest in such events for no one knows when fortune will strike. Thank you. God bless you abundantyly” I had said it like a great leader of the twenty-first century.


As soon as I finished speaking, I could not help gazing back at the audience for my courage I think was short-lived. By then I was not that bold. I even wondered how I had managed to say all that in fluent  English consuming the shortest time possible. The master of ceremony thanked me a lot and said, “ all of you can now see the great potential we have in our children. We can be living proof that the work of our judges was devoid of mistakes” “ yes!, you are outright right” someone hissed from the crowd. The awards ceremony was over at around two o’clock and everybody had a bite of the lunch that had been prepared earlier. We cleared with our accommodation in preparation for our evening return journey. We had cut short our stay because back at school we were to do a mock examination which I was not supposed to miss. Further more being a candidate I had only a few days left before my final examination commenced. So I was supposed to be at school and prepare early enough  with the  rest.


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