Contemporary issues in management



*Sex harassment is a  conduct of sexual nature which is imposed by the perpetrator on unwilling victimand which the victim fears. Theres no express reference to sexual harassment in the legislation but its clear from the case law that harassment is covered by the law on sexual discrimination and employees can complain to an industrial tribunal that they have suffered sexual harassment.

Follow your organisations equal opportunity policy or develop a policy which spells out that an organisation or you is determined to provide equal opportunities to all irrespective of sex, race, creed, mental status or disability.

Ensure that internal and external advertisement do not contain discriminatory statements.

Ensure that all employees are treated equally, favourably when decisions are made on training, promotion, or transfer.

Take particular care when interviewing internal/external applicant that you make no discriminatory questions or comments.

Conciously refute any consideration to favour one person or another because of their sex or because being a woman, for instance, you feel that the applicant might take more time off or become pregnant  or be less commited

Make notes of why applicants have been rejected on the grounds of ability to carry out the work and keep those notes for atleast six months.



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