Viola! And oops, the year was done. It’s no rocket science that every Tom, Dick and Harry looked forward to that festive filled month called December that’s climaxed with the 25th dated Christmas day that marks the birth of Jesus in celebration around the world.

The transition was awesome relaxed. As early as dawn of November, the big players had begun decorations and dominant they stood. The year had seen us transform into a hot bed of visitors and kudos! This was the season. So merry we made as happiness ruled the airwaves.

The big boys had exited the scene earlier than anyone else taking off for holidays with families to destinations me and you only keep thinking about. The political scene thus was serene. No noise. No faulty promises. No scary news of hurling insults. Just peace. Just calmness. We hope you stay put where you are good people. We are missing you already though!

In between we hosted the WTO – World Trade Organisation meeting at the famous KICC- Kenyatta International Conference Centre (The place that was secluded from public access for and about the entire week. This was just another bug to the prestigious events that had presided staring The POTUS- President of the United States visit and The POPE- President of the Vatican state visit just to mention but a few. Keep coming people. We love visitors. Tourism is our thing. It’s what puts food on the table. So my Swahili brothers say “Mgeni njoo, mwenyeji apone”

On and on Christmas happened. What a great birthday for baby Jesus! Just as we were still in the merry mood, the new year happened and here comes the infamous JANUARY or is it famous for a reason?



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