Principles of Business Communication And Office management



A meeting is a gathering between two or more people to discuss and come up with a solution to a particular item.

Types of meetings

Annual general meetings: Called annually by an organization. In such, all members are invited to attend in order to deliberate on issues affecting that particular organization.

Committee meetings: A committee is a group of people selected or appointed by the parent body to sit, discuss certain matters with the view of making decisions on the behalf of the parent body.

Special general meeting: it is a meeting called to deliberate on an issue which requires an agent attention. Such are called when there’s a need and all members are required to attend.


Ensure that all his appointments in order.

Make sure that the meeting is properly constituted and quorum is present.

Maintain order.

Take business in the correct order.

Prevent irrelevant discussion in a meeting.

To see that standing orders are observed.

To give adequate opportunity to those with points to make.

For formal meetings, the chairman allows no discussion unless there’s a motion before the meeting.

To ascertain the sense of the meeting and put motions and amendments in the correct order.


*Quorum;  Minimum number of members expected to start a meeting.


2 thoughts on “EDUCATION 101: MEETINGS

  1. – chairman also ensures the secretary makes the true record meeting resolutions – especialy contentious ones
    – chair also supretends over members voting incase there is a hot issue – himself he will not vote
    – chair is a compulsory signatory of the meeting minutes


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