Father Christmas: This feeling to give.



“Santa Clause is coming to town” Then it goes again in a different but dragged tone. “Santaaaa Clause is coming to town” I listen to that song over and over at home. All I do is sink deep in the couch and command the player a stretch away my finger resting on the repeat button. I can confess but Shhh! Don’t broadcast that to mum, she complains music snatches away my concentration derailing my participation in conversations for example every time am home. I assured her I dropped the addiction and she nodded searching my eyes. That tells she is investigating and you might be party to her research!

So it’s that time of the year and helter skelter everyone has been on their heels honouring tradition. Companies have closed trading books. Employees are on their deserved end year holiday. Malls all over the place are beautifully decorated and boy its Christmas! I have this feeling to spend twice. Do you?

Happy birthday baby Jesus more than two thousands years on. We are happy you blessed us with a day so unique. Everyone happy Christmas.

Okay! Today is the day celebrated globally. The most observed holiday in the world. It doesn’t need rocket science to understand that. Yes figures wont lie! Go ahead and celebrate like the next Christmas is a year away. Isn’t it?

The Business perspective of the Christmas we are celebrating today has been booming. I will confirm that but wont go into the financial nitty gritties for matters security. Why is it so? Its Christmas the Santa Way everywhere.

In Celebrating the birth and life of Jesus altogether we have this profound feeling of love and generosity. To extend a helping hand to our circles of friends and relatives. To build foundations of hope and trust. To get merry and put a smile on each others face. So is Christ reborn in our hearts. What a great feeling of joy?


Go ahead comrade. Go on and visit that children home. Pass by that orphanage. Remember the less fortunate in society. Pray for quick recovery for the guys at hospital who only present is hope to see a new day. Say a word to your neighbor, the one you stopped talking to a year ago. Raise a donation. Give a gift. Share a meal. Share a joke. To the bottom line, make someones day count in the simplest way within your reach. That’s my version of Christmas the Santa way.



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