A report is an organized statement of facts relating to a particular subject prepared by a writer or writers after an independent inquiry or investigation and presented to interested persons with or without opinion or recommendations. May be written by an individual or constituted body such as a committee at stated intervals and as a matter of usual routine or on special occasions.



Briefly states contents of report. If report is long. It is bound in a book form and the tittle is written on the cover/Tittle page


The name of the person/superior body to whom the report is being submitted to

Table of content

It is the list of chapters or topics contained in the report. The serial number, Tittle page and page mark of each topic is given.

The Body of the Report

It is the main part of the report and is made up of the following subsections.

The Introduction: Made up of the terms of reference and the subject of study. Here the writer analyses the problem and the relevant circumstances involved.

Development of findings: The writer presents facts and data collected by him upon which conclusion will be made and add his commentary there on. The data collected may include; charts,graphs,statistical tables and even expert opinion. This may either be incorporated in this part of the body.

Conclusion/Recommendation: The writer draws up some definite conclusion on the basis of the facts and data presented and after considering all aspects of the problem at hand. He then puts forward some concrete recommendation of his own. Where the report is presented by a committee to a meeting of the general body for adoption , recommendations should be set in form of motions/resolutions.


In the case of a long report, the writer had to conduct an extensive research for preparation of the report, its customary to add a list of reference from which the writer has grown his facts and data.


In the case of a lengthy report, a summary of findings is necessary.


All reports should be dated and signed by the person /committee submitting the report. If it is a committee submitting the report and it is unanimously agreed, the signature of the chairman is efficient. If its important, all members may sign and if it’s not unanimous, the report may be signed by the ascending members and the descending members may submit a separate minority report or may sign the majority report with notes of descending views.

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