THE ROUND UP NOVEMBER: What a blessing?

NOVEMBER; what a blessing?



It was that month that ushers in the festivities or do we just call it the eleventh hour? Period! All and sundry looked forward to it with the expectations of an expectant mother; the fast timers. How time flies! November happened but not with highlights as:

The weatherman in his wisdom had pre-warned of an ensuing Elnino outpour and the reactions to this prediction were variably mixed. Am told the last time it happened fast and furious was 1997, then a toddler barely out of the kid years. There was that category that burned with anxiety to have a feel of this elnino thing and how it rules town! Alas! Then the category that was afraid that Elnino meant doom. Them they have lived through time and understand what water all over the place meant. Crowning the deal was the government of the day with its Elnino preparedness efforts as dubbed. Boy some kitty was hashed up with some ballooning sums of monies. Terraces were dug, gabions’ built and stuff like so. Away from town landing in Kisumu the ‘Serikali saidia’ fame lady was appointed the county floods preparedness ambassador by virtue of real life experience. All in the name of Elnino! But did it happen?

The big boys; am sure as per now you bloody well associate that with politics here at home, weren’t silent though. You know the way they throw us bombshell after bombshell. This time around the movie was double interesting staring a corruption infested Devolution and planning ministry. Under the steership of a one Anne Waiguru; the lady who desperately agreed on national television to not being conversant with what happens at the ministry departments as news of ‘costly’ pens (Not like this one am using) made headlines. People said she must go. You thought power lies with the people? Think again! She said she was there to stay not unless you are leaving earlier than her but to where? The power lies with the people. I can affirm. Smile, you won an argument with me. No one does. Our Main character bowed out to pressure taking up some lighter duties in a location am still finding out. Exit the ‘Iron lady’ enter the Eurobond debacle and that one has more twists than those doodle diagrams that ask you to help Boyi find his way home as if it is part of your damn troubles . Allow we save this Eurobond discussion for another day.

Down south people are asking what would Magufuli do? And Indeed he’s the new kid on the block out to cut costs. Boy some stuff wouldn’t sound African before him. Am sure some guy (name withheld with request) would ask “Is it your mother’s money?”

Forget the weatherman, forget the big boys. Fast forward, sit back and relax, it got religious holy. Indeed it did. The POPE happened and that is triple interesting. Privy to this there was a Nyeri Beatification that made headlines on global scale. Then POTUS came calling in July but he dint bring along FLOTUS and the girls as well. Good lesson of how trim government trips should be. By the time of the Popes visit, ours was already a certified hotbed of Visitors but did I gossip our good PORK keeps going to destinations you can only find at twitters #Uhuru_in_Kenya.



POTUS: President Of The United States.

FLOTUS: First Lady Of The United States.

PORK: President Of The Republic Of Kenya.


Blessed Monday. Keep reading.


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