Principles of business communication and office management.


A letter is a means of written communication used for conveying information from one person to another or between organisations as the level rises.

The classification thus highlights informal and formal letters with the latter disintegrating into official and business letters


Senders address and date:

This appears on top right hand column of the paper with the date beneath it

Receivers address: Appears on the top left hand column of the page but below the senders address and date.

Salutation: All official letters are addressed as dear sir/Madam or by the name or tittle.

Subject: This is a brief indication of what the letter is all about. It’s always preceded by the word RE/REF

The body: Is where detailed information about the letter is given. It should always be written in paragraph form. Standard letter should have three paragraphs.

Complimentary clause: should end with YOURS FAITHFUL/YOURS SINCERELY. Letter ending is always guided by the salutation. If addressed as DEAR SIR/MADAM then it ends with YOURS FAITHFUL. If addressed as DEAR MR NAME/MRS NAME then it ends with YOURS SINCERELY/OBEDIENTLY

Signature: This is the senders guarantee that to the best of their knowledge, everything is correct. It comes immediately after the complimentary clause.

Enclosures: Its anything put in the envelope apart from the letter itself. Number of enclosures is written on the envelope in brackets (ENCL(3)

Copies: If the copy of the letter is supposed to be sent to another party it should be indicated in the letter itself: CC name of the person.

Letterhead: Is a paper with the name of organization, physical address and the logo printed on it. It also has the references.


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