This hate relationship with Mosquitoes

I still Hate mosquitoes!!!

* I wrote this piece at 3 .am some time back after the Incident. I couldn’t just sleep anymore!



The Last time i read a horror story it went like “The last man on earth sat alone in the silence of the room. He heard footsteps heading his way slowly but steadily….” It was titled ‘The Shortest Horror Story In History’

Ok, i wasn’t the last man on Earth but rather the only person in the house for that night. I needed to show up earlier the next day and it’s why I retired unusually earlier. I checked the house. Locked the main door. Locked the balcony exit and the backdoor then made it upstairs to the lonely bedroom. The lights were off already. I fumbled with the Locks and left the keys hanging behind the door. Finally I did some routine prayers and hit the Bed.

Inside the blanket was enticing warm. No sooner had I closed my eyes than the sounds began! Am not the coward type. I dint freeze. Dint scrawl inside the blanket. Dint yell hell.Dint sweat either. Ahem! I didn’t even murmur prayers like the Biblical Jonah waiting in the belly of a fish. I gathered enough courage, stretched my left arm reaching for the bed switch. The room lit golden bright. I sat at the bed side and looked around, my eyes settling at the bunch of keys that  were hanging intact behind the bedroom door then the sounds were no more! only the room appeared bigger than usual.



Putting off the lights, i covered myself head-toes. I yearned to sleep like al never wake up again but sleep could not just come. Then the sounds came again. This time louder and familiar. Men i needed action and i thought it was real action time! This time around something came to mind, i didn’t fumble with the bed switch. All i did was stretch out both my arms with zeal and slapped in the air with double force. It was thunderous. i felt some liquid between my hands. The poor thing had collapsed in my palms. Yes ad lost the battle but i won the war. Only when i remembered my uncle’s advice that mosquitoes prefer to operate in the dark!



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