Principles of business Communication and Office Management.


Memo is short form for memorandum. The literal meaning of the word memorandum is a note to assist the memory.
A memo is used for internal communication between executives and the surbodinates or between officers of the same rank. A memo is never sent outside the organization.

To issue instructions to staff.
To communicate policy changes to the staff.
To give and or seek suggestions.
To request for help or information.
To confirm a decision arrived at on the telephone.
Can be filled for future reference.
Memo format is different from that of a letter, since a memo moves from one person to another or from a department to another. It is essential to write the name of the person sending the memo and the name of the receiver or the designation or both for the persons involved.
It must also have reference number.
The word from or to may be used. Theres no salutation and the writers signature is put without complimentary clause.
It should be clearly indented.



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