LEAVING MASTER: The final days….



Among my best improved subjects was English and especially the composition part of it . I would write good tentarizing compositions that most people admired. Many pupils sort out for my help which I gave out generously . One day the teacher of English came to class , She was so happy , clutching the composition assignment sheets in his hand . We had handled the assignment the previous evening . She began to audibly read the script with the composition that follows and to my surprise , everyone was gazing in my direction . As she proceeded on my fellow classmates knew that it was my vocabulary havin been accustomed with it :it was indeed a leathal encounter ;

“The occasion was very different from what we had expected . Even before we entered the room we could hear some noise. Usually there was peace and tranquility . However on this particular occasion it was much different. There were screeching chairs here and there as well as continous chatting.

“I thought Mr Kipenga asked them to be quiet ,” I wondered at myself as I cast a perplexed glance at my colleagues . The ceremony of handing out leaving certificates has never been this noisy!

As the head boy of the school I, I immediately resolved to hush the students in the hall. Otoyo my fellow classmate followed closely.

“Hey !,” I began as I baged into the hall , “keep quiet!,” . Everybody cast a glance at me that implied bewilderment . On inquiring of the noise I was informed that Maina one of the graduates had gone missing . In addition his school uniforms was still neatly folded on his bed.

“Perhaps he`s just taken a brief walk ,” I uttered as I wondered where he could be. Soon enough Mr Kipenga the principal came into the hall he was clad in aformal suit and a larbooish . We all took our seats and awaited him to commence the ceremony. However , he wore an expression that suggested a complication had cropped up.

“It has come to my notice that…,” he began but paused. Maina has gone missing .The room was audible with murmurs .Mr Kipenga shook his head in dismay , before asking the school captain and his deputy to endeavour to find Maina.

My two assistants and I set off to the nearby woods in search of Maina . We had got the approval of Mr Kipenga . As soon as we arrived at the edge of the forest , each of us destined to achieve poor Maina .

As I trudged on , I came across a series of foot prints . I did not hesitate to follow them .Hardly had i began doing so when I stumbled upon agaping hole in the earth . My heart skipped a mighty beat for I nearly fell inside . Lying prosirate at the edge I called for Maina. “Maina!” I hollered , my voice echoed in the woods. It took me some time to hear Maina`s reply. “Down here!” he replied in a shill tremulous voice . From the sound of his voice he was certainly terrified . Figuring the hole wasno deeper than two feets down the earth. I stretched my hand out for Maina to grab on.

“Here” I shouted . “Take my hand”surprisingly I felt Maina`s firm grip on my hand . I dutched his hand firm and attempted howling him up. My endeavour were not futile for soon I had got Maina safely back on the surface . He was shaking and perspiring profusely but nonetheless he embraced me with gratitude . I was in the course of enquiring how he had ended up into the hole . When suddenly , he cut me short . He told me how he had woken up to go prowling in the woods . “There`s amad man in these woods , “he warned me .”He`s the sole rason why I was trapped in the hole . On his mentioning of the word mad man I shuddered with fright. I had heard a great many tales about what such people were capable of doing.

“You shall not clued me ,” asinister gruff voice startled Maina and I on looking behind us. We were  horrified to see a man clad in torn rainments . In one of his hands he held a spiky club . Wasting no time Maina and I showed a clean pair off heels.

After what seemed to be hours of continous running , we found ourselves back at the school premises . Hurriedly I asked Maina to rush to the dormitory so as to change from his pyjamas into his uniform, which he did in no time. I led him to thehall , where Mr Kipenga was busy handing over the leaving certificates. On his inquiring where Maina had been, I mercily stated that he had sleep walked into the woods. Funnily enough my story was taken in.

The deputies arrived shortly and the ceremony proceeded . Luckily the truth of the matter was shrouded in mystery.”

As she finished reading it , she marched majestically towards my direction and handed the script over to me like a hereditary king handing over a power stool to a junior prince. “Excellent work, keep up with this spirit and I know you will actually make it,” she said amid smiles and staggered away. I could tell quite easily that she was too impressed


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