This Win Business


Perhaps it’s not you, neither is me but someone you know or I know has ever won something one way or the other. It is phenomena as familiar as the broad daylight. Sorry am reminded you hail from that segment that’s always been too close but too far! To say the least this game isolates you by some sort of natural selection but don’t just give up yet! Say Aluta Continua!

The festive season is here already. Am convinced you will detest. Yes outright, but whether you detest or not stand up turn around, look at the far horizons. Don’t you see the big boys decorating already? That’s business.

Just how is related to win or rather winning. It’s especially at the close of the year that’s marked by the onset of the festive season that everyone thinks you deserve to win something. That stereo system. That dream car, sorry house. A trip for two to the Bahamas perhaps. Name them and the list is endless you know! Indeed I uphold you deserve to win indeed. The year has been long and loyal you have been. Right? But do you ever win?

Win Loose images

You don’t I pre suppose but I do. I don’t. I lie. Someone somewhere does. Who knows the world has got seven billion guys like you and me who hope to win one day. Now you know. I was on that hell-traffic jammed Mombasa road. The one I tell you about most often. Ignite your memories. It’s when it hit on me dead-hard that indeed the festive season is here and I must win! Win something. Anything or better still wish you luck that you give it a damn try as soon as you are done reading this post. The billboards stand taller than the sparsely populated tress. The writing is on the wall with a message bold and clear; WIN! WIN! WIN! Win a car, win a shopping voucher, win a holiday. Win, win and win again! Yet the same message disrupts that nice story you read in the dailies; that rumor-filled story by some bold and audacious city girl, just as you flip in between the pages to keep up with the conclusions of the ranting “Kilimani mums on Facebook”, there it comes in tempting colours; the Win advert! Same to now popular magazines and worst case scenarios the evening prime time bulletins. You take the deserved commercial break only to hear about some imaginary wins. You can now conclude that these guys are just determined to let you win. You know the shangwe mtaani jig? Smile, you are a real Kenyan hero. Thumb your chest. I bet they should rather run and re-run that Mbugua guy-the one who sells everything using fiber. At least that one motivates us into wannabe entrepreneurs.

Yes the normal working day of an average Kenyan has been occupied by betting-a promise to win. A jackpot perhaps someday but countless conciliatory prizes as we all wait for the ballooning Jackpot that’s just hope away! It’s why sportpesa is the new kid in town. My friend Jimmy bets with rent money to earn cash for electricity bill and bets with the cash once more to settle water bill. That’s a miracle! I can hear you conclude that. Just as it is in the movies, dear brother don’t try that at home!

The appetite is big and the investors have done their research well thanks to the sprouting middle class and a mushrooming material driven society. Every Dick, Tom and Jerry want to win! Me too! Though am told its an outright fair game. Just as you win, someone somewhere loses and a big boy gains. It’s such a vicious cycle. The next time you lose don’t cry someone dint cry when you won!


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