THE ROUND UP: OCTOBER; Cancer Be Beaten!



Am sure you joined the campaign. Wore unto you if you dint find it a worthy cause. Just a reminder theres a mongster amongst us thats threatening deadly.

October is been all about that; Cancer and the tough war of bringing it down. Kudos to all and sundry; individuals, organizations and corporates who made it a worthy cause, On and onslowly but gradual we will win the fight collectively.

Our good teachers had backed to class on empty wallets though as our dear government maintained the stand; wont pay cant pay! Exams have been on course save for the rampant cheating cases that the government struggled to shield. All we do is live with butchered systems. Fallen institutions credit to the big appetite for corruption.

Speaking of corruption, the political cycle was still landlockedin corruption misery and one after the other they unfolded with situations graduating from worse to worst everyday. The ship still sinks so much that a one Njogu attempted to steal the second position of the coveted Stanchart Marathon-42km in what would have seen him ride home seven hundred and fifty thousands richer!

Tanzania decided staring Lowassa of Chadema and Magufuli of CCM with the verdict favouring the later which means the current government is been in leadership more than 54 years later just like our homegrown KANU that keeps rebranding. Thats the African Narrative!

Happy to hear that the Pope is coming. Holy Father waiting to see you this NOVEMBER. Welcome Home.


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