Then can’t teach wont teach. It’s been a pull and push game as kids languished at home ‘enjoying’ an extra ordinarily long holiday. The teaching fraternity has been on a high demanding that the government looks into their deserved welfare. Am for their cause one hundred and one percent. The government of the day stood tall and conspicuous staring the tutors right in the eyes “cant pay wont pay” He said it red-eyed with finality “cant teach wont teach” so were the teachers in a choral rejoinder.

The political arena got intertwined in the teachers wrangles for in as much as the government distanced itself from the ensuing strike, the opposition family united in one accord “teachers must be paid and now” So did they get out of their way and clad in school attire called for a national rally hosted at the famous Uhuru park grounds named after the same president whose ideals they were against. What was popular about the rally was not that it was in solidarity with teachers but rather a baby who was conceived out of it baptized ‘teachers solidarity account’ The chief technocrats pledged one hundred thousands each and the public was asked to follow suit amid deafening cheers. By the next day close of business, the accumulative balance stood at 129, 000 and it set the tongues rolling “Who dint owner their pledge among the two” Someone?

In the same month the Westgate memorial was held and what a sad memory. God rest the fallen heroes in eternal PEACE

On the global sphere, Eid Mubarak happened and a sad memory of MECCA still lingers over our minds. Again rest in eternity those who departed us


See you in class in October dear teachers. Please teach I know you are willing to teach perhaps they can pay for I have a strong belief that they will indeed pay. In the meantime Happy Cancer Month.


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