The kids were all over the place. Its how best I remember August happening. Morning parade of high school days and the Head Of Department_Literature was quoted as saying “theres and outbreak of small children all over the compound. Take caution you might step on some of them.” Our school was hosting a regional drama festival competition and indeed the place was hell full.

School holidays come with all sorts of news. The good, the bad, the very good and the very bad. Arresting the air waves was a Nairobi bound bus from Eastern aboard school going teenagers clad in school attire getting dirty on bus. They were on holiday yes; Sex, weed, booze talk of it all and the writings on the wall read “why go to high school when you can go to school high”

Smoke is always been signal for fire or is fire always signaled by smoke. Throught the holiday season, our beloved teachers just like the political class used all the available avenues to popularize their ensuing strike pending government failure to honour a salary increment agreement awarded by a one Supreme court. So no one has been caught by surprise here. It’s all but offering a deaf ear to what should be a national priority.

The political circles were marm this time around. Am not so sure of where those sugar-deal politics were dropped at all that I can’t hear them anymore. Speaking of politics, I had an opportunity to accompany a member of parliament on a pre-election time meet the people tour in a Nairobi outskirt and people being called a ‘mheshimiwa’ is no walk in the park.

All over the place all I heard was Trump. Trump this, Trump that. America is about to vote. Our dear brethren remember choices still have consequences. As it is, some Americans might not want a third Bush (Jeb)Yet Still some might not want a second Clinton (Hillary)But who needs Trump anyway?

Just as September hang around the corner, we coined a new term thanks to the infamous CNN; ‘A Hotbed of Champions’ It trended just as Kenya did at the top of the World. That too dint amuse a one Trump! Indeed Kenya is all but a hotbed of champions. Kudos! to our Athletics Team. Kudos once more!


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