Hands Up for all Teachers!


The Current situation in the country over the stalemate between teachers and government pending the proposed teacher pay rise is wanting. Week one is gone. No work. No school. No Talks. No nothing. There we are in week two already.


The parties involved are many but of great concern is the teachers -the key on spotlight, the Government-read Jubilee and the Mutunga led Supreme court -Supreme it is indeed! But then again there is this one group of victims. The most affected but less vocal- the students who to the biggest part are the worst affected! Strike on the last term of the year!


I remember when we were still pupils. I would answer questions over and over again at class. “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Me” we would go in chorus all hands raised up. I loved the work of my teachers. Dad too was a teacher. Am pretty jealous and that’s why i couldn’t settle for teaching but otherwise ad still want to impart knowledge like them. I wouldn’t stand to mould Doctors, lawyers, writers, engineers, philosophers and lots of great people over and over again seeing them through the system of success only for me to end on the road with twigs asking the government to consider my welfare!!! I mean something went wrong somewhere. The government should just shape up and respond to teachers grievances long before they even raise them. Who said teachers should go to the street every time their salary was to be reviewed!


Back to basics. We are forced to live with a confusion. A confusion created by am not so sure who. The only thing am sure of and you too are sure of is that it has created an education system paralysis. The government had long ago promised to honour teachers pay in progression over the years successively through a collective bargaining agreement dating back to Moi era. “The government does not have money for teachers” Period! The Supreme court Awarded a ruling in favour of a pay rise for teachers. The supreme court is part of the government. Dint they know there’s no money?! Someone pay Teachers! Enough Politics.

We need teachers to receive a pay rise and go back to school as usual. We need the government to man up and make promises it can honour. We need the economy to thrive. l. We need Productivity. We Need growth. We need a sustainable wage Bill. Yes we don’t need a GREECE situation here at home! Nothing is impossible!


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