The M.O.G Dilemma



End of July we had the best visitor the world can ever host. It was all celebration. Needless to say ours was a ‘a hot bed of visitors’. Amid the visitors hullaballoo an accident happened around Limuru area of the expansive Waiyaki way. A lethal road crash that claimed one life, left one person injured at hospital and yet another culprit free and uninjured. Not everyone noticed the unfolding save for a few eye witnesses.

August and the visitors were now long gone and its back to what its always been_ ‘a hot bed of hustling’. Then the media attention shifted from the ‘Beast’ to the lethal road crash above and alas! The M.O.G in question, who escaped unhurt from the red range rover, is none other than a one controversial Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism. Then in the midst of my surprise I picture him singing to the tunes “We have trials and tribulations….”

The turn of events though is what creates news for the entire month but public crys for Justice. As per the eye-witness recount, our man of God was in the vehicle at the time of the deadly accident that claimed the life of one lady. As per the hearing time, the story read like a very different script with wild new players from a different time zone.

Again someone lied. From the man of God, the inspector general, the police all the way to the eye-witness. We are yet to know who but just incase justice comes earlier for the deceased family, we wont need to know any more. Someone say, the devil is a liar!

The recent activities that saw our man of God arrested, charged on four counts and later on released on bond were a good move towards justice but it should not stop there to form just another nice episode of case files on KTN. Time is now to follow the matter to the bottom and leave no stone unturned. It is not a battle. Neither is it another kind of supremacy war. We are not out to crucify anyone yet but justice should prevail in Gods name!


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