The political storm s were just beginning to calm off. Then the Ugandan state visit came. I saw on television the two heads of state toss wine glasses at a state dinner. It was Cheers! Cheers! And more cheers. Behind the smiles of cheers was some unfolding sugary deal.

The deal was there or rather will be there one day perhaps after the political noise is long overdue. It started with Adam and Eve_Not me. The Ugandan head of state said they have surplus sugar. He talked of the Kenyan government needing sugar but avoided the topic of a reached Sugar deal agreement. As he concluded, he asked the Kenyan opposition government to back off the ‘sugar agreement’ Then came the minister who stated with conviction that Uganda in the first place does not have any surplus sugar and further more they were not aware of any sugar business deal signed with Kenya.

Our president came back home gleaming with happiness ‘with a basket full of goodies from Uganda’ He talked of an agreement for Uganda to supply Kenya with surplus Sugar in the coming years. No sooner was the point home than his ministers stood taller than him to ‘correct’ or was it ‘reiterate’. As per the ministers, there was some discussions on some trade deals between Kenya and Uganda as per a regional trade requirement but no sugar deal agreement was signed per see.

He who laughs last laughs loudest. The opposition came from the blues finally stating categorically a myriad of reasons as to why it is wrong for Jubilee Administration to purport to import to import sugar from Sugar-deficient Uganda. allegations were made of some conspiracy to import cheap sugar from Brazil through Uganda to dump it on Kenyan Market. In the midst of the story, I heard someone mention “we will boycott Brookside milk products” Am not sure but I guess milk is a key ingredient for tea just as sugar. Its how it comes into equation but specifity to ‘Brookside’ someone please help complete the dots…

Am here. To laugh after the last. Here am representing the innocent public who have to hear countless versions of the same story over and over again and wait to see another cash cow thrown to the dogs. When bulls fight, the grass bears the pinch. Nothing is sure here but the hurting reality is some one is lying. All the way from the Presidents, their ministers, to the opposition leaders. I don’t know who but someone is lying. That is a fact you can take to the bank. Back to basics, have you ever heard of the politics of the ostrich? Burrying the head in the sand in the advent of calamity to assume its gone and all is well. That’s exactly what the government is doing by resorting to ’importing ’instead of producing sugar. Yet ours is a society reliant on Agriculture as a key backbone of the economy. A suitable and sustainable solution would be concerted effort to revive our sugar factories to empower their capacity to scale down the deficit. This has ripple effects in stabilizing the economy alongside job creation. My conclusion thus; this deal is no sugary at all. In fact its all salty. Someone pass some sugar please?


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