THE ROUND UP: JULY was a ‘Hot bed’ Of Business.

July Was A Hot bed Of Business.



THE ROUND UP: July was a “Hot Bed” of Business

I don’t want to talk about July as the conventional cold month. Neither do I want to discuss it as the seventh month of the year that falls in between June and August. Yet still I wont highlight it as that month that falls after the taxman has just closed filling returns for the financial year ending June. It’s when you overheard itax but still I want to talk about July. The month of July it is.

On and on the security woes we complain of over and over were calming down to levels of tolerance. Perhaps someone is doing their job right or maybe its just phenomenal


Stuff happened, Lots of stuff but all the attention was directed to a homecoming spotlighting a Kenyan son on top of the world. We looked forward. Forward with anticipation. Guess him he’d put it “with audacity of hope”


Of great interest were the a thousand and one preparations left right and centre of the capital city or is it capital county. Al confess these devolution terms get me confused. Of key interest was the beautification process baptized as “Kidero grass” We are still looking forward to see how this grows…


The big day came and we departed the town centre for the ‘visitor’ He came calling and history was made as the first ever sitting US president stepped on Kenyan soil. Just as we devoured in the joyous visit some media going by the name CNN brought up a new twist branded ‘Hot Bed of Terror’ and boy that backfired in their face. Lets not even talk about it. All we know is ours is a ‘Hot Bed Of BUSINESS’


Proud Kenyan.


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