2013 we are not going to be able to operate our space ship earth  successfully or for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. Its to be everybody or nobody,,,,,,,,,Backminister Fuller

From the just Concluded SUMMIT in Kenya, We can learn alot but first and foremost we know and appreciate our Mistakes…

Debate has been viral that leaders are born not made. My view, both apply it only depends on the context or point of view. As a fourth year high school graduate, we were often told that we are our own leaders- prefects of our own. So does a Spanish proverb say, if you want good service, serve yourself. Just as when you need good leadership, lead yourself. Elites say leadership is doing the right thing while management is doing things right. Thats why Anon asserts that you have  to lead and not drive, inspire and not dominate, cause respect and not fear so that you win support and not fear!


To pin point just but a few qualities from the endless list, a good leader should be God-fearing, just and fair in judgment, charismatic, wise , courageous. I propose that we give it a pose here. My wish is to give a living local example for the doubting Thomas-es to back off but my only option is our good Bible. Think of David. Think of Solomon. They were two wise leaders. Yes they had a good share of faults but their good qualities outshone! Solomon for example made right judgment that we fondly refer to as Solomonic decisions. Kenyans will remember the house business committee leader ruling by the then speaker at the height of the 2007/2008 Post election violence (PEV)

Politics though prides itself with a podium of fielding people society call leaders; it might be the only possible name available for now. A line should be drawn somewhere though. In Kenya for example during elections for the different governance positions, citizens vote  for the financial muscles, the majority party in terms of mobilization and the individual, in that particular order. Decisions are always swayed! The individual person is never screened against the leadership scale test. So long as they can ‘speak in figures’ and influence numbers, they have their way Outcome; voting in status quo, minority doing with the compromise and languishing in despair only to ask the government to intervene “tunaomba serikali itusaidie” So bad leaders are chosen by GOOD people who don’t vote!  The options may be many but the choice is one; YOURS only!

Mixing politics and leadership   is  what has been dragging us behind. when matters of national interest are politicized nothing much is done to save the situation. Big noise in the name of politics is made loud and clear but ever heard  words without actions are dead? We are not going to focus on what went wrong. Instead lets focus on what to do next . To spend our Energies on moving forward towards finding the write answers.


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