THE ROUND UP: June, Freedom oooh FREEDOM.

THE ROUND UP: June, Freedom oooh FREEDOM.


Cry out loud its been freedom all over the place! But wait that was June and its behind us and now it’s the lonely tantrum filled July. Okay it does us no harm to give it a quick look though:


June; the freedom month had just as enough hype as you would expect to accompany a freedom chant. Yes we were looking forward to freedom but freedom from what? Around the corner there was promise of a Fathers day to land and we looked forward to it with unmeasured expectations all of us men; fathers or fathers to be alike. I must report freedom was all over the place but that is my personal opinion…FREEDOM ANTHEM.

perhaps all allow you share yours as well. In the midst of the freedom , that fathers day thing came and went…HAPPY BELATED FATHERS’ DAY.

The political cycle I guess is gotten stack in some sought of unexplainable not soo good agendas. Everyone is making noise. Noise that we can not really comprehend. But should we anyway? A the centre stage was a corruption scandal spotlighting the lately hyped NYS_National Yoth Service that falls under Waigurus Devolution docket and its now interesting how the entire thing is gotten personalised around Waiguru the Cabinet Secretary. Just in the same connection, some rowdy youth from the famous populous Kibra got caught up in the misunderstanding culminating in destruction of property. This I resolved was serving the wrong intrests………”Kibera Youth, Congratulations for burning down this toilet. At least Waiguru will not have a place to dump her shit. Again, Congratulations for Burning down the Clinics. At least Waiguru will not have a place to get treatment. Oh, a pat on your back to destroying the Poshomill…Waiguru will not have a place to grind her maize”.


The volley ball queens did us proud, lifting that continental crown. Kudos to the girls. But I understand they have brought home that trophy before only that I can’t comprehend how this time around it sounds like being different from usual. Am told the shorts are getting shorter, men have observed. Someone confirm?



Am not soo sure of what made headlines since I decided to be part of the non-coveted anti-digital migration go slow that is just not taking off! In favour of those Hollywood niggas. I have resolved to back off Someone advice which way to go? Ahem! But does that professor Jacktone sound as convincing as he does to me? I mean is it the real deal?


Stealing the show was some Central bank appointments staring Governor and to date I regret having failed to apply since singles were highly favoured. I liked the favourite nominee who later was vetted to take up the post. I had liked his profile on LinkedIn that exposes his unmatched wide on job exposure. Take up the job but boy it’s a tall order ahead, the dollar fattens by day. Now this our guy happened to be single (by choice) at the time of his appointment and ladies were all over the place. Ahem! Appoint of correction my sweet ladies, the applications were for a CBK governor not a husband!! Someone posted something on what single men can do listing prominent names..and it cracked my ribs. Going forward am loving his simplicity to life especially the fact that he dismissed the opulence that comes with the post to remain at his church residence. Leader’s take note the sphere is fast changing


Previously the Groove had happened…Yes lately I have come to appreciate the Creative industry with its great potentiality. I heard of itax over and over agin til it sounded like the new word in town. But the truth it comes with is hard to swallow as we will find out. In between bwana Rotich read out loud the 2.1 trilion Budget, please check out what that means to you dear reader…..






**************************************BLESSED WEEK A HEAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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